Music in video games

The soundtrack as part of the game

What happens to a movie without good actors? Even if the script is amazing, the result isn’t good. The same thing happens to a video game without a good soundtrack. It just doesn’t work as well.

Developers that have a video game with a good story usually want you to dive into the storytelling they create, and the music helps making that happen. Music is very useful to connect emotionally with someone and that is what a lot of studios want with the potential players of their game, to stablish an emotional connection that makes them want to know more and more every single day.

It’s not easy to select the songs that fit perfectly with each scene. If the music is good but it doesn’t go along with what the characters are going through in that moment, it doesn’t make sense to use it.

We realized that the soundtrack is part of the game and because of that we decided to talk to some of our incredible followers that are working inside that part of the industry. Let’s chat with @gamelody, an account that does music for videogames professionally, to try to understand this better.

Hey @gamelody! Can you guys tell us how you feel when you create music for videogames?

G: Hi! For us doing the soundtrack of a videogame is amazing, besides being part of a team with which to exchange ideas you also help to shape the world they are creating. We also learn a lot in the process, because if you are asked to create music for a scary game you are immersed in horror music for months, analyzing, creating and listening to it all the time and little by little you learn about each style or theme. But above all we like the part of adapting to the idea that the director has and try to stick to it as best as possible, although sometimes it is not easy to decipher what he wants musically

What inspires you??

G: Within that immersive work, there are periods of: I’ve got it! But we cannot depend on them if we want to meet the deadlines, since they usually happen when we are composing. But when we do manage to make it happen and we make possible in two days what would usually take one whole week, it is very fulfilling and rewarding.

We also put aside the games we usually play and in our free time we play other games related to the theme in question, which is always a good thing.

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