From sketches to final art

The process behind the result

The same way that we´re into the behind the scenes of good movies, we thought it would be a good idea to show the sketches behind the final art of our video game. Sometimes when we´re playing video games we forget to stop and think about all the hard work that is behind every detail. We talked to Ramon, our 2D lead artist, and he explained the process step by step.

First of all, he told us about the importance of creating a good mood board, which is going to be the visual representation that determines the path we want to follow, the general concept of our project. This “collage” helps us choose the style or concept we like the most.

In second place, we would start with the sketches. This step is all about drawing lines and getting a visual representation of the idea we have in our head thanks to our mood boards.

And finally we would have the final step, the one that brings the scene to life. Here we would add all the shadows and details, and find the best combination of colors.

On this post you can swipe from left to right and viceversa to see the evolution of Ramon´s sketch.

We want you to see the process from begining to end.

Ask us any question and we will be happy to help.

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