ARAE: Land of Virtue

Name and Cover

We don’t know if you guys follow us on social media… if you don’t, you should go take a look at our latest posts. We just revealed the cover of our videogame next to the title.

The final name is “Arae: Land of Virtue”. When thinking about the naming, we realized everything was related to our main character, so we wanted people to know her before the launch and to not forget her name, that explains why her name, Arae, is the first thing we find in the title.

When it comes to the “Land of Virtue” part, we can’t say much yet because it has to do with the story of the game and we don’t like adventures with spoilers. For now, all we can say is that virtues and vices will be very important for the clans inside the game.

From our point of view the name sounds pretty epic, which is exactly what we wanted as a result. That is when we realized that we needed a cover as epic as the title. And in the title, the typography of the name was also going to be very important.

When we started brainstorming, we started to discuss one thing: what’s more relevant when people think about our game, Arae or the adventure that she will be immersed in? We all ended up agreeing on the fact that the key of the game was going to be the adventure itself and how the players would want to dive into it next to Arae.

That explains why in the cover you can’t see Arae’s face, she is already facing the adventure and she is inviting you to follow her.

She is definitely ready…but… are you?

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