What is the following product 3 sqrt 5 * sqrt 2


Answer 1
Answer: the answer is 3 sqrt 10
Answer 2

The answer is B

^6 sqrt 200

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The brain volumes ​(cm cubedcm3​) of 20 brains have a mean of 1189.81189.8 cm cubedcm3 and a standard deviation of 126.5126.5 cm cubedcm3. Use the given standard deviation and the range rule of thumb to identify the limits separating values that are significantly low or significantly high. For such​ data, would a brain volume of 1432.81432.8 cm cubedcm3 be significantly​ high?
Calcular: log 4 2 = (escribir el resultado como decimal)
What is the domain of h?A) -5≤h(x)≤4B) The h(x) values -4,-2,2,4, and 6C) The h(x) values -5,-4,0,2, and 4D) -4≤h(x)≤6 ​
What is the slope of line segment E F?A)1/3B)3/2C)2/3D)-3/2

4s-12= 5s+51 what is the solution


Given data:

The given expression is 4s-12=5s+51.

The given expression can be written as,





Thus, the value of s is -63.

Jayson scored 13, 21, and 32 points in his first three games. If we wanted to average 20 points per game, how many points would he have to score in his 4th game?


To average 20 points in 4 games he needs a total of 20 x 4 = 80 points.

So far he has 13 + 21 + 32 = 66 points.

He will need 80 - 66 = 14 points in the 4th game.

2. Which of the following is an equation? A. y/9 - 3
B. 9 - 2
C. y/9 = 3
D. 7 + y


An equation is something with a = sign btw and it’s C because it’s the only one with the = sign

What is the slope of the line 9 x - 3 y equals 10​


Answer: M = 3

Step-by-step explanation: you have to use the slope intercept form y = mx+b to find the actual slope

About 4 out of every 5 people are right-handed. If there are 30 students in a class, how many would you expect to be right-handed? How many to be left-handed?



You would expect 24 right handed and 6 left handed

Step-by-step explanation:]

5 x 6 =30

40% of the groups budget was spent on activities. If $64,000 was spent on the activities, what was the full budget? solve with the aid of a diagram. State what type of problem this is. if it's division, which type? Explain your reasoning, not just by using an equation.



The full budget has a total value of $160,000

Step-by-step explanation:

This is a simple ratio problem and can be solved using the Rule of Three property. The Rule of Three is used to compare two ratios and find the missing part. In this case the ratios would be the following.

(64,000)/(40 percent) = (x)/(100 percent)

(64,000 * 100 percent)/(40 percent) = \frac{x}

(6,400,000)/(40 percent) = \frac{x}

160,000= \frac{x}

So now we know that 100% (The full budget) has a total value of $160,000.

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