What best defines an economic system?


Answer 1
Answer: An organized way in which a state  allocates its resources and apportions goods/services in the commmmmmmmmmunity.
Answer 2
Answer: An organized way in which a state  allocates its resources and apportions goods/services in the community. Thats the answer

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The efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr., and his fellow civil rights workers resulted in A. the creation of a multiracial American society. B. little change for African Americans. C. great political change, such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. D. a break in historical continuity that began in the years after the Civil War.
Match these items with the descriptions.1. only English ships could be used writs of assistance 2. passed in 1759 barter 3. allowed the British to search homes first Navigation Act 4. prevented competition with West Indies Molasses Act 5. prevented manufacturing and competition Hat Act 6. used by the colonists because of a currency shortage Iron Act
Which statement best describes trade in medieval Europe
15.76+8.2 what is the sum
compare and contrast why did the countries of South America fall to dictatorships and disorganization while the United States became a strong democracy

What was the role of the pinkerton guards during a strike


The role of the Pinkerton guards during a strike was to provide private security and protection for companies or employers facing labor strikes or disputes.

Pinkerton guards were a private security force established by the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, founded by Allan Pinkerton in the mid-19th century. Their primary function during strikes was to be hired by companies or employers to counteract the efforts of striking workers. They were often brought in to protect company property, break up picket lines, and ensure that strike actions did not disrupt business operations.

Pinkerton guards were known for their sometimes aggressive tactics, which could include using force to disperse striking workers and prevent them from impeding company activities. Their involvement in strikes often led to clashes and conflicts with striking workers, contributing to the tense and often violent nature of labor disputes during that period.

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Answer:During the labor strikes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, businessmen hired the Pinkerton Agency to infiltrate unions, supply guards, keep strikers and suspected unionists out of factories, and recruit goon squads to intimidate workers.


Why did Spanish settlers turn to Africa slaves to provide the labor for their American colonies


There were a couple of reasons why Spanish settlers turned to African slaves to provide labor for their american colonies:
1) The Indian slaves that they had there were already decimated by the diseases brought by the Spanish conquistadors, which left very few of them. As production rates increase, the Spanariads found it harder to find more workers. 
2) The African slaves were MUCH more cheaper then if they hired workers from Spain, for all they had too do was go there, take them away by the gunpoint, and then bring them over too the Americas too be sold. (not saying its a good thing, but facts are facts)

etc etc..

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Which of these ideas did the anti-imperialists support?• A Advanced societies have a responsibility to a civilize primitive
B. All people have the right to govern themselves.
C. The workday should be limited to eight hours and there should be
a two-day weekend.
O D. Alcohol should be banned because it causes many social


Answer: A

Explanation: The imperialists have in their ideology a strong influence originating from Manifest Destiny.

Manifest Destiny was nothing more than the realization of the sense of racial superiority that permeated the philosophy of the United States from its earliest days.

In this context, there is the thought that advanced society must civilize primitive cultures, as described in the first one A

Do you see any similarities between how the Japanese Americans were treated then and how other ethnic groups are treated today in America? Explain.


no, I do not many Japanese Americans were imprisoned and/or sent to neighborhoods where they were surrounded by barbed wire and fencing.

Final answer:

Similarities exist between the unjust treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II and the experiences of certain ethnic groups in America today, such as discrimination and stereotypes. However, the specifics and severity of these mistreatments may vary.


Indeed, there are similarities between how Japanese Americans were treated during World War II and how certain ethnic groups are treated today in America.

Japanese Americans

were treated with suspicion and prejudice strictly based on their ethnic background, culminating in their internment during the war under the Executive Order 9066. Today, instances of xenophobia or racism against certain ethnic or racial groups echo this past mistreatment, with discrimination often based on assumptions about the group's loyalty or intentions, much like the unfounded suspicions directed towards Japanese Americans. For instance, xenophobia frequently increases during political or global crises or conflicts, particularly if the group in question is in any way associated with the conflict.


may manifest in similar ways, from verbal and physical abuse to more systematic manifestations like racially biased law enforcement or discriminatory immigration practices. Furthermore, stereotypes continue to play a role in the

treatment of ethnic groups

, often leading to damaging misconceptions about these communities and individuals. It is important, however, to also note the differences in the specifics and severity of these mistreatments.

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25:39What is gross domestic product?
average quantity of goods manufactured in a country in a year
total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year
total income of businesses and workers within a country in a year
average rate of manufacturing expansion in a country in a year
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The correct answer is total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year

GDP is the sum of all final goods and services produced by a country, state, or city, usually within a year. All countries calculate their GDP in their respective currencies.


The right choice:

"Total value of goods and services produced in a country in a year."


Why did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention find itnecessary to draft the Bill of Rights?



it was necessary to draft the bill of rights because the anti federalists would not agree to a stronger government if they didn't get a bill of rights