What is the tool that is used to automatically search New information on the internet and organize if for future searches?


Answer 1
Answer: the answer would be a "web crawler"

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Some operating systems have a tree–structured file system but limit the depth of the tree to some small number of levels. What effect does this limit have on users? How does this simplify file system design (if it does)?
1) The program reads an integer, that must be changed to read a floating point. 2) You will need to move that number into a floating point register and then that number must be copied into an integer register. 3) You will need to extract the exponent from the integer register and stored in another register. 4) You will need to insert the Implied b
- If we place records from different tables in adjacent____________, it would increase efficiency of a database.Physical locationTableFormempty location
Gus is developing new software in an environment in which incremental changes are released at regular intervals within a timebox. Shana is developing software for the minimum viable product stage in order to provide the development team with feedback on how to improve the application. Gus is employing the software methodology known as __________, while Shana is employing the software methodology known as __________.
3. If B3=6 and D5=8, what would the following function return? IF(B3>D5, "Closed", D5-B3) *A. "Closed"B. -2C. "Open"D. +2

You wrote a list of steps the user will take to perform a task. Which statement is true about this step?You have drawn pictures of what your screens will look like and identified the input-process-output that occurs on each
O Your app is functioning and ready to test.
O You have defined a use case.
O In this step, you defined your target audience and main goal.


The statements that are true about this step are:

  • In this step, you defined your target audience and main goal.
  • You have drawn pictures of what your screens will look like and identified the input-process-output that occurs on each screen.
  • Your app is functioning and ready to test.

What is a an app?

A mobile application, sometimes known as an app, is a computer program or software application that is meant to operate on a mobile device, such as a phone, tablet, or watch.

An app is a software program that allows users to do certain functions on their mobile or desktop device. Apps are either pre-installed on your device or downloaded through a specialized app store, such as the Apple App Store. Apps are usually created in a variety of programming languages.

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the UDP server described needed only one socket, whereas the TCP server needed two sockets. Why? If the TCP server were to support n simultaneous connections, each from a different client host, how many sockets would the TCP server need?



The UDP server described needed only one socket, whereas the TCP server needed two sockets because:

  • With the UDP server, there is no welcoming socket, and all data from different clients enters the server through this one socket.
  • With the TCP server, there is a welcoming socket, and each time a client initiates a connection to the server, a new socket is created. Thus, to support n simultaneous connections, the server would need n+1 sockets.


UDP uses one socket and TCP requires two sockets in a transmission because UDP is a way one connectionless protocol but TCP is connection oriented.

The TCP server that supports n simultaneous connections would require n sockets, ranging from 1 through n.


A socket is a fusion of a port number and a source IP address using a colon.

UDP is a transport layer protocol that is unreliable, because it does not need to establish connection to transmit packets and does not retransmit dropped packets. TCP is another transport layer protocol that is reliable, establish connection and retransmit dropped packets.

For a UDP, only one socket would be created to transmission. A socket on the client side and server side would be created in TCP connection. A server can have multiple sockets for one or different transmission protocols.

A device that protects electronic equipment from an increase in power, but not a decrease or outage is a ___.a. Battery backup

b. Surge suppressor

c. CRT

d. UPS


Answer: A) Battery backup


 A battery backup are used to provide the source of power backup to various hardware components and desktop computers. In many cases, the devices are plugged into UPS ( uninterruptible power supply) for backup power and it is also depend upon the size of the UPS.

All the battery backups are located inside so that is why, the devices are heavy in weight. Usually, the battery backup front required additional button for performing various functions.

And the battery backup devices are manufacture by using the varying degree of backup abilities.

Use the STL class vector to write a C function that returns true if there are two elements of the vector for which their product is odd, and returns false otherwise. Provide a formula on the number of scalar multiplications in terms of n, the size of the vector, to solve the problem in the best and worst cases. Describe the situations of getting the best and worst cases, give the samples of the input at each case and check if your formula works. What is the classification of the algorithm in the best and worst cases in terms of the Big-O notation



Code is provided in the attachment form


Vector Multiplication code:

Vector_multiplication.c file contains C code.

See attachment no 1 attached below

Classification of Algorithm: For creating elements in vector c of size n, number of scalar  multiplications is equal to n. The size of original two vectors scales directly with the number of  operations. Hence, it is classified as O(n).

To define constructors and member functions outside of a class's original scope, the operator can be used.


Answer: Scope resolution operator(::)

Explanation: A member function and the constructor can be called within the function easily but for the execution of the these components outside the class , a special operator is required to call the functions. The scope resolution operator(::) preceding with the name of class is thus used for defining of the function outside class.This operator maintains the cope of the function and constructor outside the class.

Write a program that reads an integer and displays, using asterisks a filled and hollow square, placed next to each other. for example if side length is 5 the program should display like so.This program prints a filled and hollow square.
Enter the length of a side: 5
***** *****
***** * *
***** * *
***** * *
***** *****



Here is the JAVA program.

import java.util.Scanner; //Scanner class to take input from user

 public class HollowFilledSquare {

          public static void main(String[] args) { //start of main() function body

    Scanner sc= new Scanner(System.in); // Scanner class object

          System.out.print("Enter an integer to display a filled and hollow square "); //prompts user to enter an integer

           int n = sc.nextInt(); // reads integer input from the user

          StringBuilder filled = new StringBuilder(n);

// creates objects filled and hollow of class StringBuilder

          StringBuilder hollow = new StringBuilder(n);

          for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++) { // outer loop for length of the square

              for (int j = 1; j <= n; j++) { // inner loop for width of square

                  filled.append("*"); //displays asterisks

                    if (i == 1 || i == n || j == 1 || j == n) // condition to display stars



                     {  hollow.append(" ");  }             } // to display empty spaces

           System.out.println(filled + "   " + hollow);

// places hollow and filled squares next to each other

           filled. delete(0, filled.length());  

//removes characters from 0 to the length of filled square

           hollow. delete(0, hollow.length());      

//removes characters from 0 to the length of hollow square } }  }


The program first prompts the user to enter an integer. It uses outer loop for length of the square and inner loop for width of square in order to display the asterisks. append () function is used to display the sequence of asterisks. delete () function removes the  asterisks from the sequence of asterisks. String Builder is a class used for to create a string of n characters. It basically works like String but this is used to create modifiable objects.

The screen shot of the code along with the output is attached.

Final answer:

A Python program can be written to read an integer that is then used to print out two squares of that side length with asterisks, one filled and one hollow. The provided Python code uses nested loops and conditionals to generate the squares accurately.


To complete your request, we would need to write a program to read an integer input and utilize this integer value to generate two squares with asterisks, one filled and one hollow. Here is a simple Python program:

def print_squares(n):
# Full square
for i in range(n):
 for j in range(n):
  print('*', end=' ')

# New line between squares

# Hollow square
for i in range(n):
 for j in range(n):
  if i==0 or i==n-1 or j==0 or j==n-1:
   print('*', end=' ')
   print(' ', end=' ')

# Run the function
print_squares(int(input('Enter the length of a side: ')))

This program first prints a filled square and a hollow square using conditionals to distinguish between the edge and inner positions of the squares.

Learn more about Python programming here: