What are possible careers with a health science degree? what is something new you learned?Were there certain skills or behavior traits that you identified in this profession

Do you believe that Health Administrator, Nutrition and Health and Wellness degree holders will in encounter each other within the healthcare field?


Answer 1

Answer: Possible careers related with health science degree are physician, nurse, paramedic technician, operation threater technician, and others.


Health science is related to science which deals with all problems related to human health that can be associated with a disease or unexpected trauma. Health science is a challenging field to learn something new in health science can be associated with learning of skills and development of new technology that can aid in the treatment  and early detection process of deadly diseases like cancer, brain and cardiac stroke, alzheimer, and others.

Skills like keeping oneself calm in emergency situation, helping and caring abilities, providing quick response and quick decision making abilities can help a health science professional.

Yes professionals belonging to the field of Health Administrator, Nutrition, and Health Wellness degrees holder are part of healthcare field. A person belonging to health administrator speciality can command the necessary measures to be taken during medical emergency, he or she can create medical team of professionals, and help in arrangement of medical facilities. Nutrition related professionals are nutritionist who prepare a food chart specific for people affected by acute or chronic diseases and can suggest food that should not be included in diet. Health Wellness degree holder can be public health educator, corporate heath educator, or health coach who can also help in taking decisions necessary for health and keeping life style healthy by suggesting physical exercise, necessary precautions, and food choices that can be preferred.

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Both represent major components of the FITT principle,are progression and variation similar.

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Both represent major components of the FITT principle,are progression and variation similar.

To learn more about  FITT principle refer:brainly.com/question/2332342


Answer: THE Answer isC


Whats a negitve/internal


Answer: honestly i don't get it but i think your answer is negative/internal means a negative internal voice

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1. Pitbull they are not illegal in Georgia and are smart dogs if you train them well.


B) Studies show children who grow up with pets learn responsibility.


Correct 100% on Edge