Which of the following would be considered a field research source?A. An art installation

B. An online video

C. A presentation

D. A newspaper


Answer 1


I think it is d


its gives info

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What does the word unfurled in paragraph 7 BEST exemplify? OA. the vastness of the land B. the uniqueness of the environment O C. the confusion caused by being outdoors D. the frustration resulting from being aloneShe stood , finally , her canvas Keds tied tight , on May 3 , 1955 , atop the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail , the longest continuous footpath in the world , facing the peaks on the blue- black horizon that stretched toward heaven and unfurled before her for days . Facing a mean landscape of angry rivers and hateful rock she stood , a woman , mother of eleven and grandmother of twenty - three . She had not been able to get the trail out of her mind . She had thought of it constantly back home in Ohio, where she tended her small garden and looked after her grandchildren , biding her time until she could get away .​
In your opinion, is revoltinga justifiable act of resistance? Why orwhy not?
What is the BEST revision you can make to create a strong argument?O Order your ideas in a more logical way.Include every reason you can consider.O Compare your ideas to other people's ideas,Add several more counterclaim arguments.
What does it mean to be a belizean

Paraphrase :There is something deeply conflicted about the

devotion to work, vocation, career as an ideal in

any society, but especially in one that has

zealously cast off so many of its other


We (Americans) have all been so

oversocialized that unnatural devotion to toil

leaves its mark on every area of life. It could even

be argued that the most highly prized pleasures

have themselves become a form of work.

complete with their own uniforms, disciplines.

and special lingo.' -- Christopher Clausen,




the process of rewording a given passage into a more concise manner.


Paraphrasing is the process of rewording a given passage into a more concised manner.

The above passage can be paraphrased into:

Christopher Clausen says that there is a conflicting nature among the common ideals of work, vocation and career especially the one that has gone through a lot hardships among the three.

Americans in an attempt to achieve these ideals have dedicated an abnormal amount of devotion. He says that every dream have become like a task with its own uniforms, disciplines and special lingo.

Read the excerpt from "Thomas Edison: The Master of Improvement.” Its glow was produced by electricity passing through a filament, or tiny piece of material. The inside of the glass bulb was a vacuum. Based on context clues, what is the meaning of the word filament?A:a place where electricity is made
B:a very small piece of material
C:the inside of a lightbulb
D:the vacuum inside a bulb


A very small piece of material is context clues, is the meaning of the word filament. Thus, option (b) is correct.

What is context?

The term context clues refer to cues that help readers decipher a sentence, paragraph, or chapter, so they can understand the meanings of new or obscure words. The context was the written in the term are the proper manner in the format are the measured to be the followed. The sentence formation of the context are the complete.

According to the context clues, in the passage was the based on the meaning of the word filament. There was the meaning of the word are the situated to the very small piece of material. There was  the piece of the material are the tiny.  

Therefore, option (b) is correct.

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What are assimilationist negroes



someone who is willing to give up there culture and submerge himself  completely in thedominant


Final answer:

Assimilationist negroes refers to African Americans who believed that assimilation into mainstream 'white' American society was the best path to overcoming racism and achieving civil rights. This viewpoint, predominant in late 19th and early 20th century, is associated with black leaders like Booker T. Washington but was contested by others like W.E.B Du Bois.


The term 'assimilationist negroes' typically refers to individuals in African American history who advocated for the idea of assimilation into white, mainstream American society, as a means of overcoming racism and attaining societal equality.

This was a perspective held by some African Americans during times of racial segregation and discrimination, particularly during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Supporters of this viewpoint believed that integration and acceptance into 'white America' was the key to achieving civil rights and breaking down racial barriers.

Black leaders like Booker T. Washington are often associated with these assimilationist views. Washington proposed that African Americans should focus on gaining vocational and agricultural skills, to show their value to society and peacefully progress towards racial equality.

However, these views were criticized by some, including W.E.B Du Bois, who advocated for a more confrontational approach towards achieving equality, arguing against the idea that African Americans needed to 'prove' their worth to gain rights.

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Why is it important to communicate well?​


Because it allows a person to voice their opinion about a situation and gives everyone the ability to have input

Which of the following would be an example of an archetypical theme? Victorian women were sheltered. The arctic wilderness is endangered. Pride goes before a fall. Robots may replace human workers.



Pride goes before a fall.


An archetypical is a type of particular trait, theme, symbol, or even a situation that resonates with a universal pattern of human quality or nature. This allows the readers to connect parts of themselves into the characters or story they are reading and thus, involving them in the story.

The universal theme/ proverb "pride goes before a fall" is an archetype for it presents a universal symbol of humanity, no matter the period or setting. It means that pride in a man, no matter the culture or time, will always lead to his own downfall, one way or the other. This is true for all, irrespective of what or where the story is set in.

Explain why different news outlets don't cover the same news stories in exactly the same way


There are several reasons why different news outlets may not cover the same news stories in exactly the same way such as Editorial Bias and Resource Allocation.

News outlets may have their own editorial biases, which can shape their coverage of certain stories. Bias can stem from political leanings, ownership affiliations, or the target audience of the outlet. This bias can influence the selection of stories, the framing of issues, and the emphasis placed on particular aspects of a story.

News outlets have limited resources and need to make choices about which stories to cover. The prioritization of news stories can differ based on factors such as audience interest, perceived importance, or available reporting capacity. Consequently, outlets may focus on different events or angles, leading to variations in coverage.

Journalists have different perspectives and interpretations of events. They may choose to emphasize different aspects of a story based on their understanding, analysis, or personal views. This can result in variations in the tone, focus, and depth of coverage across different outlets.

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Because some might have different opinions on what to say and how to say it and some people might have different topics they want to cover than others