You guys are the toughest bunch of soldiers ever, and youdeserve every good thing that comes your way!
Which best explains why the tone is inappropriate for the audience?
A. It is disorganized and too solemn.
B. It is lacking in passion and gratefulness.
O C. It is too casual, and the references are vague.
O D. It is too poetic and not formal enough.
You guys are the toughest bunch of soldiers ever, and - 1


Answer 1

The tone of the essay is a reflection of the writer's attitude towards its topic matter. The address to the world war II veterans seems too poetic and informal. Thus, option D is correct.

What is tone?

A tone is a depiction of the attitude of the speaker or the writer with its words and phrases that express their feelings, and thoughts towards the topic issue and the matter.

Here, the address for the veterans sounds poetic and is not delivered in a formal tone. A formal tone is a type of tone that is direct, without slang, and uses respectful words to show the professional context.

Therefore, the tone is inappropriate as it is not formal.

Learn more about formal tone here:


Answer 2




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its specific


i got it right peeps



if its wrong sowwy




Q: Write An Article About "Judicial Independence"? At Least 1500 Words


inpossible to answer because max brainly limit is 5000 charachters

Judicial Independence: Safeguarding Justice and Democracy


In any democratic society, the judiciary plays a crucial role in upholding justice and maintaining the rule of law. One of the fundamental pillars of a fair and impartial judiciary is judicial independence. Judicial independence ensures that judges are free from external pressures and influences, allowing them to make decisions based solely on the law and the facts of the case. This article aims to explore the concept of judicial independence, its importance in a democratic society, and the challenges it faces in today's world.

Understanding Judicial Independence:

Judicial independence refers to the ability of judges to exercise their powers without interference from other branches of government, political actors, or external influences. It is the cornerstone of a fair and impartial judiciary, ensuring that judges can make decisions based on their own judgment and legal expertise, rather than being swayed by political or societal pressures.

Importance of Judicial Independence:

1. Safeguarding the Rule of Law: Judicial independence plays a vital role in upholding the rule of law. When judges are free from external pressures, they can interpret and apply the law impartially, ensuring that justice is served without favoritism or bias.

2. Protecting Individual Rights: An independent judiciary acts as a safeguard for individual rights and liberties. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their social, economic, or political status, has equal access to justice and can seek redress for any violations of their rights.

3. Maintaining Checks and Balances: Judicial independence is essential for maintaining the system of checks and balances in a democratic society. It serves as a counterweight to the executive and legislative branches, preventing any abuse of power and ensuring accountability.

4. Upholding Public Confidence: A judiciary that is perceived as independent and impartial fosters public trust and confidence in the justice system. When individuals believe that their cases will be heard fairly and without external influence, they are more likely to respect and abide by the decisions of the court.

Challenges to Judicial Independence:

While judicial independence is crucial for the functioning of a democratic society, it faces several challenges in today's world. Some of the significant challenges include:

1. Political Interference: Political actors may attempt to exert influence over the judiciary to further their own agendas or protect their interests. This can undermine the independence of the judiciary and erode public trust in the justice system.

2. Lack of Resources: Insufficient funding and resources can impede the judiciary's ability to function independently. A lack of resources may result in delays in the administration of justice and hinder judges' ability to make informed and fair decisions.

3. Public Perception and Media Influence: Public perception and media coverage can impact the perception of judicial independence. Biased reporting or public pressure can create an environment where judges feel compelled to make decisions based on popularity rather than the law.

4. Threats to Judicial Security: Judges may face threats to their personal safety or professional reputation, which can undermine their independence and impartiality. Protecting judicial security is essential to ensure that judges can carry out their duties without fear or intimidation.


Judicial independence is a cornerstone of a fair and impartial judiciary. It ensures that judges can make decisions based on the law and the facts of the case, free from external pressures. Upholding judicial independence is crucial for safeguarding justice, protecting individual rights, maintaining checks and balances, and upholding public confidence in the justice system. However, it faces challenges such as political interference, lack of resources, public perception, and threats to judicial security. It is essential for societies to recognize the importance of judicial independence and take measures to protect and strengthen it.

What are your thoughts on the importance of judicial independence in a democratic society? Can you think of any recent examples where judicial independence was challenged or compromised?

What is a theme of “Stray”?



Stray” is realistic fiction and is about a little girl named Doris who finds a stray dog. The text's theme is about what makes people change and grow. Throughout the text, the author focuses on one's ability to change and grow while using imagery to convey mood and character traits.



the theme is about what makes people grow


The road to the mountains was a ribbon of moonlight. a personification

b metaphor

c simile

d onomatopoeia​


Answer: B) Metaphor

Explanation: A metaphor can be simply defined as a figure of speech that compares actions or words that are not literally related but might share similar characteristics. It gives a hidden meaning or representation.

"The road to the mountains was a ribbon of moonlight",

The "road" and the "ribbons of moonlight" are literally unrelated because roads are neither ribbons nor ribbons of moonlight.

"Ribbons of moonlight" is only meant to give a hidden meaning or representation of the characteristic or nature of the road to the mountains.

So "Ribbons of moonlight" is a metaphor.

Which topic would be appropriate for a three‐page research paper?


Answer: for me i would personally write about what struggles humanity is faced with, whether it be global warming, overpopulation, famine, economic collapse...etc. it all depends on the subject.


sorry if this dosnt help. if you want comment me what subject its in and i can help you more.

Transitions are used to:seamlessly move the reader to the next idea
make it very clear that the topic is changing
keep the reader guessing and curious
shoe only the timespan of events



The first one