4x<-2 como se desarrolla esta desigualdad


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

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Need help with calculus question
Express M=cos3A + cos A and N = sin3A + sin A as a product form​
!!HELP!!A stage designer paid $4 per square foot for flooring to be usedin a square room. If the designer spent $600 on the flooring, about how long is aside of the room? Round to the nearest foot.• How is the area of a square related to its side length?• How can you estimate the length of a side of a square?
Chris had a job walking dogs on the weekends. He earned $8.75 per dog. He walked 5 dogs a week for 7 weeks. How much money did Chris earn?
In the figure, side AB is given by the expression (5x + 5)/(x + 3), and side BC is (3x + 9)/(2x - 4).The simplified expression for the area of rectangle ABCD is _______, and the restriction on x is ____.

3(5/10)-(4/8) pls asap




Step-by-step explanation:

3 x 5 is 15

3 x 10 is 30

3 x 4 is 12

3 x 8 is 24.

15 - 30 - 12 - 24



To evaluate the expression we shall have:
putting like terms together we get:
Answer: 2x^2+5x-5

A professor graded the final exams and found that the mean score was 70 points. Which of the following can you conclude?A- All of the above.

B- The median score was 70 points.

C- 50% of the students scored below 70 points.

D- This would be a normal distribution.


Answer:  C) 50% of the students scored below 70%

Step-by-step explanation:

Mean is the average.  To find the mean (aka average) you add up all of the scores and divide by the number of tests.  

B) The mean can be 70 without any test scoring 70% so B is not true.

A) Since B is not true, then A is not a valid option.

D) We don't know any of the other data so don't know if it is skewed left, skewed right, or normal.  Therefore, option D is not true.

C) If the average is 70%, then half received grades above that score and half received grades below that score.  So, option C is TRUE!

You spend $28$28 on ingredients to make cookies. You charge $4$4 per container of cookies. How many containers do you need to sell to earn $20 in profit?


Let, the number of Containers = x

Then, Equation would be: 4x - 28 = 20

4x = 20 + 28

x = 48/4

x = 12

In short, Your Answer would be: 20 Containers

Hope this helps!
4x7=28  you need 7 just to break even then
4x5=20 you need 5 to make $20
7+5=12  You need 12 to make $20

Help me pls thank you




Step-by-step explanation:

To solve this, we have to solve for h.

We can use order of operations to figure this one out.


Now that every variable on the left side of the equation has an h, we can factor.

h(18-9-7)=14\nh=(14)/(18-9-7) \nh=(14)/(2) \nh=7



I just did some trial and error with the numbers


Unless I did it wrong, then just ignore this answer

Simplify the quotient show the work 5 divided by nine


1.8 that is the best answer



Step-by-step explanation:

A quotient is a quantity produced by the division of two numbers.

5 / 9 = 0.555555556

0.555555556 = 0.56