The price of a technology stock has risen to $9.82 today. Yesterday's price was $9.71. Find the percentage increase. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.​


Answer 1

The percentage increase is 1.1% to the nearest tenth

The calculation can be done as follows

Original price= $9.82

increase= $9.71

Change in price= 9.82-9.71

= 0.11

percent increase= 0.11/9.82 × 100

= 1.12

= 1.1 (to the nearest tenth)

Hence the percent increase is 1.1%

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Answer 2


9.71 ÷ 9.82 = .9987 or 1% .

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Suppose you decide to invest in an annuity that pays 5% interest, compounded semiannually. How much money do you need to invest semiannually to reach a savings goal of $300,000 at the end of 25 years.


Final answer:

To reach a savings goal of $300,000 at the end of 25 years, you need to invest approximately $4,206.42 semiannually with a 5% interest rate compounded semiannually.


To calculate the amount of money you need to invest semiannually to reach a savings goal of $300,000 at the end of 25 years, you can use the formula for the future value of an annuity:

FV = P * ((1 + r/n)^(n*t) - 1) / (r/n)

Where FV is the future value, P is the amount you need to invest each period, r is the interest rate per period (5% in this case), n is the number of compounding periods per year (2 for semiannual compounding), and t is the number of years.

Inserting the given values into the formula:

FV = P * ((1 + 0.05/2)^(2*25) - 1) / (0.05/2)

Solving for P:

P = FV * (r/n) / ((1 + r/n)^(n*t) - 1)

Substituting the values:

P = 300,000 * (0.05/2) / ((1 + 0.05/2)^(2*25) - 1)

Calculating the value of P, we find:

P ≈ 4206.42

Therefore, you need to invest approximately $4,206.42 semiannually to reach your savings goal of $300,000 in 25 years.

Learn more about Calculating the amount needed to invest in an annuity to reach a savings goal here:


Teddy has two sisters. One of them is 3 years younger than Teddy, the other one is 7 years younger than her only brother. How old was the older sisters when the younger sister was born?plz help fast 30 minutes till turn in



4 years

Step-by-step explanation:

A ladder leans against a building that angle of elevation of the latter is 70° the top of the ladder is 25 feet from the ground. to the nearest 10th of a foot how far from the building is the base of the ladder a. 20.5 feet b. 30.5 feet C.32.3’ or D.39.5 feet



a. 20.5

Step-by-step explanation:

because this will form a right triangle we can use tan (opposite over adjacent) so an equation we could set up would be tan(70)=25/x

therefore we can just solve the equation which would give us 20.45. so if we round it the answer would be a


The correct answer option is a. 20.5 feet.

Step-by-step explanation:

We are given that the angle of elevation of the ladder is 70° and the height of the ladder is 25 feet from the ground.

We are to find the distance of the building from the base of the ladder.

For this, we will use tan:

tan 70 = \frac { 2 5 } { x }

x = \frac { 2 5 } { tan 7 0 }

x = 20.5 feet

The owner of a fabric store has determined that the profits P of the store are approximately given by P(x) = -x^2 + 70x+67, where x is the yards of fabric sold daily. Find the maximum profit to the nearest dollar. a) $617 b) $792 c) $1017 d) $1292 e) none


Answer: Option 'd' is correct.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

Profit function of the store is given by


We need to find the maximum profit.

For this, we first derivate the above function:


Now, put P(x) = 0, we get that


Now, we will check that its maximality by finding the second derivative:


it gives maximum profit at x = 35 yards.

And the maximum profit would be

P(35)=-(35)^2+70* 35+67=\$1292

Hence, Option 'd' is correct.

I would like to create a rectangular vegetable patch. The fencing for the east and west sides costs $4 per foot, and the fencing for the north and south sides costs only $2 per foot. I have a budget of $176 for the project. What are the dimensions of the vegetable patch with the largest area I can enclose?


x = E/W dimension 
y = N/S dimension 

4x + 4x + 2y + 2y = 64 
8x + 4y = 64 
4y = 64 - 8x 
y = 16 - 2x 

Area = xy = x(16 - 2x) = 16x - 2x^2 

Maximum of y = ax^2 + bx + c is when x = -b / 2a 

so x = -16 / -4 = 4 

A soccer player scored 12 goals this season. He scored 30% of the goals for his team this season. How many goals did the entire team score this season?



40 goalas

Step-by-step explanation:

30% x ? = 12

12/30% =

12/(30/100) =

(100 x 12)/30 =

1,200/30 =