compare the six nutrients of life for farm animals (water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals).


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Which of the following is a disadvantage of using biopower?A. It requires mass production of crops.B. It is readily available in most places.C. It produces net-zero emissions.D. It is biodegradable
The diagram below represents levels of organization in living things. Which term would best represent X? A. Stomach B. Human C. Tissue D. Chloroplasts
Can you add nutrition please?
All of the following contribute directly to soil formation EXCEPTA. the decomposition of organismsB. lichensC the erosion of rock by weatherweatherD.volcanic eruptions
Although this moss plant undergoes alternation of generations and has two distinct body forms, its life cycle began as a A) seed. B) single cell. C) haploid gamete. D) cluster of cells.

Most compounds that produce this in aqueous solution are ionicA) Acid
C) Both


The correct answer is BOTH

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Copper is metallic !!

Why must science be open to change?)
Theories are always said to be the absolute truth.
New theories are always better than old theories.
Theories can never be said to be the absolute truth.
Old theories must be thrown out with new scientific évidence.



The answer is C.



I got it right; Its C


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Zach Corp. pays commissions to its sales staff at the rate of 3% of net sales. Sales staff are not paid salaries but are given monthly advances of $15,000. Advances are charged to commission expense, and reconciliations against commissions are prepared quarterly. Net sales for the year ended March 31 were $15,000,000. The unadjusted balance in the commissions expense account on March 31 was $400,000. March advances were paid on April 3. In its income statement for the year ended March 31, what amount should Zach report as commission expense?


Based on the information given the amount that Zach should  report as commission expense is $450,000.

Using this formula

Commission expense=Percentage of net sales× Net sales


Percentage of net sales=3%

Net sales=$15,000,000

Let plug in the formula

Commission expense=3%×$15,000,000

Commission expense=$450,000

Inconclusion the amount that Zach should  report as commission expense is $450,000.

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Scientists construct an experimental bacteriophage that is composed of the T2 phage protein coat and T3 phage DNA. If a bacterium is infected by this phage, the new phages produced would be expected to have:


T4 protein and T4 DNA


  • A bacteriophage is an infection that attacks bacteria. At the point when the tail strands identify an objective host the bacteriophage  to the cell, injected  its DNA, and utilizations the microscopic organisms' apparatus to reproduce.
  • T4 is a sort of bacteriophage that infects of  E. coli.  
  • The bacteriophage T4 capsid is a prolonged icosahedron,120 nm long and 86 nm wide, and is worked with three essential proteins such as  gp23*, which shapes the hexagonal capsid cross section, gp24*, which structures pentamers at eleven of the twelve vertices.
  • gp20, which frames the extraordinary dodecameric entry vertex through which DNA.  
  • T4 DNA Ligase is ligation catalyst which utilized the parts of DNA by the catalyzing between  compared 5'phosphate and 3' hydroxyl endsand phosphodiester bonds in the double stranded DNA  utilizing ATP as a coenzyme.

In the 1950s, when Watson and Crick were working on their model of DNA, which concepts were well accepted by the scientific community?


Wilkins and FranklinName: Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin
Date: 1951
- Wilkins was working with a technique called X-ray diffraction: a technique that involved aiming X rays at the DNA molecule
- Franklin took the now famous Photo 51 and collected data eventually used by Watson and Crick
- Photo 51 indicated that DNA was a double helix, or twisted ladder shape, formed by two strands of nucleotides twisted around each other
- The specific structure of the DNA double helix was determined later by Watson and Crick when they used Franklin's data and other mathematical data

Final answer:

In the 1950s, several key concepts related to DNA were well understood in the scientific community, such as the polymer structure of DNA, base pairing rules, and the helical structure of the molecule itself. The established methods like X-ray crystallography also contributed to their research.


In the 1950s, when Francis Crick and James Watson were working on their model of DNA, the scientific community had a well-established understanding of several key concepts. For example, it was well accepted that DNA is a polymer of nucleotides, each containing deoxyribose sugar, phosphate group, and one of four nitrogenous bases, A, T, C, and G; and that purines always pair with pyrimidines.

X-ray crystallography was an accepted method for investigating molecular structure. Chargaff's rules, which state that of the four types of nucleotides present in a DNA molecule, two were always present in equal amounts, were also widely accepted. Finally, it was known that the DNA molecule has a helical structure, thanks to the work of Rosalind Franklin.

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