Estimate the total budget in millions of dollars.
estimate the total budget in millions of dollars. - 1


Answer 1
Answer: it C 40 million your welcome.

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Two guy wires from the top of a 200-foot radio antenna are anchored to the ground by two large concrete posts. The antenna is perpendicular to the ground and between the two posts. If the angles of depression from the top of the antenna to each of the posts is 46o and 48o respectively, then the distance between the two posts is:_______


Answer: 373.22 feet

Step-by-step explanation:

The attached photo contains the diagram illustrating the scenario. 2 right angle triangles ACD and BCD are formed.

The distance between the two posts is AD + BD

To determine AD, we would apply the tangent trigonometric ratio which is expressed as

Tan θ = opposite side/adjacent side

Tan 46 = 200/AD

AD = 200/Tan 46 = 200/1.0355

AD = 193.14

To determine BD, we would also apply the tangent trigonometric ratio. Therefore

Tan 48 = 200/BD

BD = 200/Tan 48 = 200/1.1106

BD = 180.08

Therefore, the distance between the two posts is

193.14 + 180.08 = 373.22 feet

A pharmaceutical manufacturer is concerned that the impurity concentration in pills should not exceed 3%. It is known that from a particular production run impurity concentrations follow a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 0.4%. A random sample of 64 pills from a production run was checked, and the sample mean impurity concentration was found to be 3.07%. Testing at the 5% level the null hypothesis that the population mean impurity concentration is 3% against the alternative that it is more than 3%.a. Calculate the p-value for this test.
b. Find the p-value for this test and draw your conclusion.
c. Suppose that the alternative hypothesis in part b had been two-sided rather than one-sided. Conduct your test using either the critical value or the p-value approach.


The p-value for the given test is 0.0901.

Given that, a pharmaceutical manufacturer is concerned that the impurity concentration in pills should not exceed 3%.

What is a standard deviation?

Standard deviation is the degree of dispersion or the scatter of the data points relative to its mean, in descriptive statistics.

Given, Mean = 3.07, μ=3%, σ =0.4% and n=64.

Hypothesis test H_(0);μ=3 and H_(1);μ>3

We need to test the null hypothesis against the alternative hypothesis, we reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis.

When x>x critical

x critical = μ+Z+σ

Z = (x-μ)/(σ/√n)

= (3.07-3)/(0.4/√64)

= (0.07)/0.05

= 1.4

α = 5 and z_{0.05= 1.645

If Z>Z_{0.05

1.4 > 1.645

Therefore, we do not reject null hypothesis at 5% significant level.

There is sufficient evidence that the mean impurity in concentration pills is 3% or less than 3%.






Therefore, the p-value for the given test is 0.0901.

To learn more about the standard deviation visit:




Step-by-step explanation:

Marl me as brainliest answer c

PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! :)Using the remainder theorem, what is the remainder of the quotient of x^3– 6x^2 + 4x– 5 and 1 - 3?

B. -20
D. 34


The remainder of the quotient is -20.

Option B is the correct answer.

What is an expression?

An expression is a way of writing a statement with more than two variables or numbers with operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Example: 2 + 3x + 4y = 7 is an expression.

We have,

x³ - 6x² + 4x - 5 and x - 3


x - 3 ) x³ - 6x² + 4x - 5 ( x² - 3x - 5

         x³ - 3x²

       (-)    (+)

             -3x² + 4x

             -3x² + 9x

          (+)      (-)

                    -5x - 5

                    -5x + 15

                (+)      (-)



The remainder is -20.

Learn more about expressions here:



The correct answer is B. -20.

Step-by-step explanation:

I got it right on the Edmentum test.

In our decimal​ system, we distinguish odd and even numbers by looking at their ones​ (or units) digits. If the ones digit is even​ (0, 2,​ 4, 6,​ 8), the number is even. If the ones digit is odd​ (1, 3,​ 5, 7,​ 9), the number is odd. Determine whether this same criterion works for numbers expressed in base four



Yes. In base 4 numbers if a number ends with 0 or 2 then it is an even number. If it ends with 1 or 3 then it is an odd number.

Step-by-step explanation:

The first 13 numbers in base 4 are written in brackets next to their corrsponding decimal number below

decimal number 0(0) ,1 (1) ,2(2), 3(3), 4(10), 5(11), 6(12), 7(13), 8,(20), 9(21), 10(22), 11(23), 12(30), 13(31) and so on

From above we can deduce that in base-4 any number ending with 0 or 2 is an even nmuber and any number ending with 1 or 3 is an odd number

If r = 5 units and x = 11 units, then what is the total surface area of the cylinder shown above?


Answer: 502.65

Step-by-step explanation: A= 2πrh + 2πr^ this is the formula for solving the surface area so now you must substitute


6.28 · 55 + 2 π · 25

add and you will get 502.65 hope this helps mark me brainliest if it did

The ratio of the measure of the angels of a triangle is 6:10:2 find the measure of the smallest angle




Step-by-step explanation:

6x+10x+2x=180 (Triangles have three angles that add up to 180)

18x=180 (Combine like terms)

x=10 (Dividing by 18 to find x)

2(10)=20 (Looking for smallest angle which is 2)