Summary of chapter 6 and 7.8 white dolphin


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The people of Ghalaas-at watch for some sign of Kimki, but none ever comes. Spring passes and comes again, but still Kimki does not return. Matasaip, who has been chosen as chief in Kimki's place, decides that the village must turn its attention to other problems - the Aleuts. The time of year that the Aleuts come is fast approaching, and the villagers must make plans to flee the island if they return. The people of Ghalas-at stock canoes with food and water and leave them at the bottom of a cliff, so that they can quickly escape if the Aleuts are sighted.

One night, a cry goes through the village that the Aleuts have returned. The villagers file out of their homes and make for the canoes, but the man who gave the alarm returns, saying that the ship that is approaching the harbor has white sail, not the red sails of the Aleuts. Matasaip goes to investigate along with a few other men while the rest of the villagers continue toward the canoes. Soon, Nanko returns with a message from Matasaip. The villagers are anxious to hear what he has to say, but Nanko plays with them, pretending to be too tired to talk. Finally, he reveals that the ship on the bay hold white men sent by Kimki to take them away from Ghalas-at.

The villagers scramble to pack for their journey. They had brought only the bare necessities when they thought they were fleeing the Aleuts, and so choose a few possessions to bring with them. Ulape draw a mark in blue clay across her face to signal that she in unmarried. A storm is gathering, and so they must be quick, lest the white men's ship run against the rocks. As they head toward the beach, Ramo realizes he has left his fishing spear at the village, but Karana knows there is not enough time to go back tells him he must leave it behind.

When Karana reaches the beach, all of the men except Nanko and Matasaip have already boarded the ship. Karana has lost track of Ramo, but Nanko tells her the he was on the first canoe to the ship. Upon reaching the ship, Karana looks around for Ramo, but he is nowhere to be found. Nanko offers her his assurance that he is on the ship, but then Karana notices him back on the island, running along the cliff with his spear in his hand.

Chief Matasaip explains to Karana that they cannot wait for Ramo, because if they do, the ship will be wrecked against the rocks. Then, though many people try to restrain her, Karana jumps off the boat into the water and swims back to shore.

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(B.) is the correct answer to your question. Please give me the brainliest answer. :):):)

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The statement which best describes the style of this excerpt is that the style is poetic in order to capture the audience's attention. Thus, the correct option for this question is B.

What is meant by the style of the passage?

The style of the passage may be characterized as the way through which an author writes or composes and/or conveys a story in order to demonstrate some information or facts to the audience or reader.

According to the context of this question, the style of the excerpt is poetic with the intention that it captures or brings the attention of the audience or reader to the word or the communication made by an author specifically without any sort of distraction.

Therefore, the statement which best describes the style of this excerpt is that the style is poetic in order to capture the audience's attention. Thus, the correct option for this question is B.

To learn more about Poetic style, refer to the link:


The correct answer is answer B.The style is poetic in order to capture the audience's attention.

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The statement 'Stonehenge is a mysterious monument' is an opinion.

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this is not the right answer so don’t choose it


the answer is (B


i did that test