Jessica's annual salary decreased by 3800, which was a 9% decrease. what was Jessica's original salary?​


Answer 1

The original annual salary of Jessica is 42222

Let the original annual salary of Jessica be represented by x.

Percentage decrease in salary = 9%

Amount of the decrease = 3800

Therefore, based on the information given, the equation to solve the question will be:

9% × x = 3800

0.09 × x = 3800

0.09x = 3800

Divide both side by 0.09

0.09x/0.09 = 3800/0.09

x = 42222

Therefore, the original annual salary of Jessica is 42222.

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Answer 2


Step-by-step explanation:

x = original salary

$3800 = (1-9%)x = (1-0.09)x = 0.91x

x = $3800/0.91 = $4175.82

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