Prove that:
(2-sin(2x))(sin(x) + cos(x)) = 2(sin^3(x) + cos^3(x))


Answer 1
\text{We use formulas: }\n  \n 1) ~~  (a + b)(a^2 -ab + b^2)   =a^3  + b^3 \n  \n 2)~~ \sin(2x) = 2\sin x \cos x  \n \n  3)~~ 1 =\sin^2(x) + cos^2(x) \n  \n \text{We solve:} \n  \n \Big(2-\sin(2x)\Big)\Big(\sin(x) + \cos(x)\Big) = 2\Big(\sin^3(x) + cos^3(x)\Big) \n  \n \Big(2-2\sin(x)\cos(x)\Big)\Big(\sin(x) + \cos(x)\Big) = 2\Big(\sin^3(x) + cos^3(x)\Big) \n  \n 2\Big(1-\sin(x)\cos(x)\Big)\Big(\sin(x) + \cos(x)\Big) = 2\Big(\sin^3(x) + cos^3(x)\Big)

2\Big(\sin^2(x)+\cos^2(x)-\sin(x)\cos(x)\Big)\Big(\sin(x) + \cos(x)\Big) = \n  2\Big(\sin^3(x) + cos^3(x)\Big)  \n  \n 2\Big(\sin^2(x)-\sin(x)\cos(x)+\cos^2(x)\Big)\Big(\sin(x) + \cos(x)\Big) = \n  2\Big(\sin^3(x) + cos^3(x)\Big)  \n  \n \boxed{2\Big(\sin^3(x) + cos^3(x)\Big)  = 2\Big(\sin^3(x) + cos^3(x)\Big)  }

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Step-by-step explanation:

divide all of it by 2, you get 16:64. Again, 8:32. Again, 4:16



Answer: The first choice should be correct

Step-by-step explanation:

Well I hope this is correct

Option C or they are alternate interior angles is correct.

When two lines are crossed by another line (called the Transversal): Alternate Interior Angles are a pair of angles on the inner side of each of those two lines but on opposite sides of the transversal

Megan’s room is expanded so the width is 150% of 3 meters. What is the new width?


Since Megan’s room is expanded so the width is 150% of 3 meters, the new width is 4.5 meters.

How to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle?

In Mathematics and Euclidean Geometry, the perimeter of a rectangle can be calculated by using this mathematical equation (formula);

P = 2(h + w)


  • P represent the perimeter of a rectangle.
  • w represent the width of a rectangle.
  • h represent the height of a rectangle.

Note: 150% = 150/100 = 1.5

In this context, the new width can be calculated as follows;

New width = 150% of 3

New width = 1.5 × 3

New width = 4.5 meters.

Read more on perimeter of a rectangle here:


Answer: 4.5 meters

Work Shown:

The keyword "of" means "multiply".

150% = 150/100 = 1.5

150% of 3 = 1.5*3 = 4.5

In the figure, side AB is given by the expression (5x + 5)/(x + 3), and side BC is (3x + 9)/(2x - 4).The simplified expression for the area of rectangle ABCD is _______, and the restriction on x is ____.



The simplified expression for the area of rectangle ABCD is ( 15(x + 1))/(2(x - 2)), and the restriction on x is x≠2 .

Step-by-step explanation:

Side AB = Width of rectangle = (5x + 5)/(x + 3)

Side BC = Length of rectangle =  (3x + 9)/(2x - 4)

Area of Rectangle = Length * Width

Putting values:

Area\,\,of\,\,rectangle =( (3x + 9))/((2x - 4)) * ((5x + 5))/((x + 3))


Area\,\,of\,\,rectangle =( 3(x + 3))/((2x - 4)) * (5x + 5)/((x + 3)) \nArea\,\,of\,\,rectangle =( 3)/(2(x - 2)) * 5x + 5\nArea\,\,of\,\,rectangle =( 3(5x + 5))/(2x - 4)\nArea\,\,of\,\,rectangle =( 15x + 15)/(2x - 4)\nArea\,\,of\,\,rectangle =( 15(x + 1))/(2(x - 2))

The restriction on x is that x ≠ 2, because if x =2 then denominator will be zero.

So, the answer is:

The simplified expression for the area of rectangle ABCD is ( 15(x + 1))/(2(x - 2)), and the restriction on x is x≠2 .

Please answer this, I am confused (5^2)(7^2)(3^2)



The expression is:


To find:

The value of the given expression.


We have,


On simplification, we get



Therefore, the value of the given expression is 11025.

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i took personal finance, sorry if i,m wrong but i think its C