If a woman is blood Type AB and her husband is blood Type O, what is the probability of blood types that their offspring would have


Answer 1


the probability of blood types that their offspring would have is

B. 2/4 - 50%

A 2/4 - 50%

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The following example illustrates applications for which anomalies are of considerable interest. Click all that apply: a. Fraud Detection b. Intrusion Detection c. Medicine d. Ecosystem Disturbances



Fraud Detection

Intrusion Detection


Ecosystem Disturbances


Anomalies are items or actions that do not conform to expected pattern. They are also referred to as outliers on data sets that do not exhibit the characteristics of the population under consideration.

Anomalies can be caused by natural variation, data errors, data from different classes.

Examples of anomalies are:

Fraud Detection

Intrusion Detection

Medicine such as influenza outbreaks

Ecosystem Disturbances such as flood and drought

PLEASE HELPP QWQIn what direction and with how much not force will the satellite move?

The net force is 0 N, so the satellite will not move.

The net force is to the right at 1500 N.

The net is to the left at 1000 N.

The net is to the left at 500 N.


The net force with which the satellite move is 500 Newtonsand the satellite moves in the left direction. Thus, the correct option is D.

What is the net force?

The net force on an object can be defined as the combined effect of the sum of all the forces such as pushing and pulling forces which are actually acting on the object. If all the forces which are pushing or pulling on an object are not balanced, then in this case a net force acts on that object which then makes the object to accelerate in the direction of the net force applied.

Net force = Sum of all the applied forces

Since, here the forces applied are in different directions.

Net force = 1000 N (towards left) - 500 N (towards right)

Net force = 500 N (towards left)

The net force has a magnitude of 500 Newtons and it is in the left direction because 1000 N is more than 500 N.

Therefore, the correct option is D.

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Answer: D


Benedict’s solution is an alkaline copper sulfate solution which is used to detect the presence of aldehyde groups. In the presence of Benedict’s solution, the aldehyde group is oxidized and the aqueous blue Cu2+ ion is reduced to a red Cu2O precipitate. Sugars such as glucose, which produce the red precipitate when Benedict’s solution is added, are called reducing sugars because they can reduce Cu2+ to Cu+. Which of the following carbohydrates would give a positive reaction with Benedict’s reagent? a. galactose; b. sorbitol (see below); c. β-ethylglucoside; d. gluconate .





Galactose is a sugar with six carbons and one aldehyde group present at the end. The presence of a free aldehyde group in galactose makes it a reducing sugar. Galactose can reduce the Cu2+ of Benedict solution into Cu+ and produce a red precipitate.  Sorbitol, β-ethylglucoside, and gluconate do not have aldehyde group to reduce Cu2+ ions and therefore, do not give the positive test with Benedict solution.

Based on what you know about energy, what type of energy does light best represent?A. thermal
B. radiant
c. electrical


Would it not be c, electrical

How do you dry specimen that would be view under scanning electron microscope​



are coated with a thin layer of metal (usually gold or gold-palladium). The metal coating makes samples conductive

The diagram below represents levels of organization in living things. Which term would best represent X? A. Stomach
B. Human
C. Tissue
D. Chloroplasts


The term that would best represent X would be tissue.

The simplest level of organization of living things is the cell followed by tissue, organ, organ system, and then the organism itself.

  • The cell represents the simplest unit of existence
  • Cells come together form tissues in order to perform a function
  • Different tissues come together to function as a unit known as organs
  • Different organs make up the system and the body of an organism is made up of different systems.

More on levels of organization of living things can be found here: brainly.com/question/282455?referrer=searchResults

The correct answer is C. Tissue


In the diagram, x is between organ and cell level. This implies this level of organization is smaller than an organ but no as small as one cell. In this context, the most suitable term to add to this level is a tissue because these are structures composed of specialized cells, which shows this level encloses cells. Also, a group of tissues forms an organ; this implies the organ is the level that follows the tissue. Examples of this include muscle tissue composed of muscle cells and that is part of organs including the heart.