Which represents an exterior angle of triangle XYZ?O LXZ

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Which represents an exterior angle of triangle XYZ? O LXZ - 1


Answer 1

An exteriorangle of ΔXYZ is ∠HXJ.

The correct option is D.

What is an angle measure?

When two lines or rays intersect at a single point, an angle is created. The vertex is the term for the shared point. An angle measure in geometry is the length of the angle created by two rays or arms meeting at a common vertex.

As per the provided diagram, the exterior angles in the ΔXYZ are:










From the given choices, ∠HXJ is an exterior angle of ΔXYZ.

To learn more about the angle measure;



Answer 2


The answer is C, <JXZ.

Step-by-step explanation:

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Step-by-step explanation:


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                                                   | 96ft





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Can someone explain how to do it aswell please and thank you



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