a engine supplies 120 hp to an electric generator and the generator delivers 80 hp of electrical power . What is the efficiency of the generator ?
a engine supplies 120 hp to an electric generator and - 1


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Answer: 56 mph + 89 = idont know any thing
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Final answer:

The electric generator has an efficiency of approximately 66.67%, which means that 66.67% of the input energy is converted into usable electrical power.


The question wants to know about the efficiency of an electric generator. The efficiency of any engine or generator is defined as the ratio of useful energy output to the energy input. In this case, the energy input to the generator is 120 hp (horsepower) and the useful energy output (i.e electrical power) is 80 hp.

The formula used to calculate the efficiency is: Efficiency = (useful energy output / energy input) * 100% , Using this formula, the efficiency of the generator would be (80 / 120) * 100% = 66.67 % .

This means that 66.67% of the energy supplied to the generator is successfully converted into electrical power, while the rest is likely lost as heat or other forms of non-usable energy.

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