In one or two paragraphs, explain how the supremacy clause helps maintain order in the United States.


Answer 1


the supremacy clause helps maintain order in the united states because it established that the federal constitution and federal law generally, takes precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions. Its important because it says all judges in the state court must follow the constitution federal laws and treaties if there is a conflict with state laws. It helps maintain order because if something happen in the United states where there was a conflict with state laws, the judges must follow the laws and agreement.


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Saffici and Pellegrino say that a main issue for the student-athlete is:______. a) whether or not the experience for a student-athlete is different from that of a traditional student.
b) whether or not the student-athlete should even go to college, or if they should simply go to the pros.
c) whether or not student-athletes are students who participate in sports, or athletes who may also go to class.
d) whether or not the student-athlete’s high school has prepared them for college.


Answer: I would contend that the right answer is the C) whether or not student-athletes are students who participate in sports, or athletes who may also go to class.  

Explanation: Just to elaborate a little on the answer, it can be added that Christopher Saffici and Robert Pellegrino wrote their article in 2012 with the title "Intercollegiate athletics vs. academics: the student-athlete or the athlete-student." Their main argument is that the students who are accepted in colleges due to their athletic skills often are not prepared to do well academically while meeting the expectations and demands as athletes, so, in turn, they are given preferential treatment in school, and they are overworked, becoming more athletes that go to college (without truly succeeding academically, as they are supposed to), that students who are also athletes.

In fact, they say that "It is not a question of whether or not the experience for a student-athlete is different from that of a traditional student. Instead, the issue at hand here is whether or not student-athletes are students that participate in extracurricular competitive sports, or have become athletes that also go to classes whenever their athletic schedules allow."

What is one of the major assumptions of rational choice theory?



The major assumption of the rational choice theory is that human behavior is as a result of conscious decision making.

In rational choice theory individuals usually make up their minds or decisions under pressure usually within a small amount of time. During this process individuals make the decisions which are best suited to how important or beneficial such a decision will have on their lives. This is usually the primary purpose of rational choice making.

A court decides to interpret a law in a way that encourages the limitation of a judge’s power. The court relies on similar past rulings and stays very close to the literal meaning of the Constitution in its approach. This court is engaging in judicial:
a) restraint.
b) review.
c) activism.
d) precedent.


This court is engaging in judicial restraint

from better understanding let's explain what judicial restraint means

  • Judicialrestraint is simply concerned with a judge not forcing or inputing his or her own ideas (preferences) into any said legal cases, proceedings and rulings. The Judges are known to show judicial restraint only if theyare indecisive or hesitant to remove (strike down) laws that are not really unconstitutional
  • it is a type of judicial interpretation. that is it is a type of how the justice system interpret the law

from the above, we can therefore say that the answer This court is engaging in judicial restraint is correct.

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If you have an issue with a course or professor, who do you contact?


Instructors of all levels can be intimidating, but that does not give them the right to misuse their position. If you have a problem with a professor, there is a mechanism for dealing with it.

Spend some time drafting a concise, professional letter to ensure that your complaint is treated seriously. Suggest that they speak with the chairperson of their department or division first;

Stay Detached

  • Maintain a detached and honest tone in your letter. Stick to your narrow set of grievances and avoid harsh, or criticizing tones.

Present Background Information

  • "I am writing to you because of a terrible situation that has occurred in Mr. Johnson's advanced Math class," for example, maybe the first sentence of your letter. All of these circumstances will necessitate detailed explanations.

State the Facts

  • If you just have one issue or incident with the instructor, keep your explanation for that one incident. If the problem persists, you must recall as many occurrences as possible.

Request a Solution

  • End with a respectful plea for a solution. If you don't think the problem can be remedied through communication, ask for disciplinary action. Include a salutation and a closing, and keep the letter formal and readable.

For more information regarding professors leading a good class, refer to the link:



The first step is to talk to the course professor directly to know what is the problem if it can be iron out BTW the two of you but if it cant be resolve then u try to contact your level adviser seeking for his advise on the matter, if the case still remain the same try to contact the department directly through the head if department for solution and after there the last stage is the dean of the faculty who can now take the case to the school management if he cant solve it

Under strict scrutiny analysis, to demonstrate that a government action is constitutional, the government must demonstrate that: Select one: a. its action bears a rational relationship to its desired end. b. it is pursuing a compelling government interest. c. it is pursuing a governmental end in the most intrusive manner. d. there is no restriction on commercial speech.



action bears a rational relationship to its desired end


In strict scrutiny the government would show to the court why some laws should not be removed from the constitution, Its a form of judiciary review. The law remains only if the government can show that law is necessary to a urgent action in state interest, if it required to achieve this interest and if the law does not use any means that is restrictive to achieve the purpose.

If the actions bears a rational relationship to the people who needs its most and the law will needed in achieving the interest then the law stays in scrutiny.

How Social and environmental responsibility could help fight social challenges


They help to ensure the environment is optimally used well and profitable for everyone, especially with sustainable actions.

Society is everyone's responsibility. Humans are the society and for society to be maintained or sustained, everyone has to do their bit by carrying out actions to the benefit of themselves and others.

A case study is keeping the society clean, if everyone dumps trash anyhow, it's to the detriment of not just the environment but also the health of everyone, if it's otherwise, the health of everyone is preserved. This shows that everyone has a responsibility of keeping the society clean.

Another area is theft, if everyone is willing to work, no matter the kind of job, there won't be theft in the society, but we have theft due to some individuals greed and laziness.

With this scenario, you would realize that we all have a responsibility to handle our society well, and our actions are result in the lives of others.

For more on this topic, click the link

Social and environmental responsibility can fight social challenges by assisting in overcoming such problems. When an individual or group takes responsibility to protect society and the environment, this can work against social problems. For example, many people and businesses engage in food drives to fight poverty.

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