Erica está aprendiendo a tocar la guitarra. A Ella le gusta mucho la música popular, pero no puede tocar como los grandes profesionales todavía. Ella quiere ser mejor que su hermana Ivonne que puede tocar muchos instrumentos. Erica es mejor en la ...¿Qué clase de música le gusta a Erica?

- la música clásica
- la música hip hop
- la música rock
✔️ la música popular



Answer 1
Answer: Popular music

La musica popular means popular music

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Answer 2




Tis very much correct indeed.

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Please help!!!!!!!Due todayPractice with the verb GustarA.Conjugate the verb gustar
¿Dónde van a cenar?A. en el restaurante El DoradoB. en el café RecuerdosC. en la Plaza de Armas
A qué parte del programa de radio crees que corresponde el fragmento ​
Columbus arrived in Puerto Rico during: *his first voyage to the New World in 1492the start of the first European settlements around 1600his second voyage to the New World in 1493none of the above
¿Qué tiempo hace en el verano?Question 20 options:a) Nieva.b) Hace mal tiempo. Hace frío.c) Hace buen tiempo. Hace calor y hace sol.d) Hace fresco y llueve.

1. yo / preparar el almuerzo (lunch) / (ti) 2. él / comprar / libros / (sus hijos) / Plaza de Armas.
3.ellos / cantar / canción / (mí)
4. él / explicar cómo llegar / (conductor)
5. mi novia / sacar / foto / (nosotros)
6. el guía (guide) / mostrar / catedral de San Cristóbal / (ustedes)



  1. Yo te preparo el almuerzo (lunch)
  2. En la Plaza de Armas el compra los libros para sus hijos
  3. Ellos cantan mi canción
  4. El conductor nos explica como llegar
  5. Mi novia se saca una foto con nosotros
  6. El guía le muestra a Ustedes la Catedral de San Cristóbal.

nosotros / descargar / programas en la red Question 2 with 1 blankmatemáticos / descubrir / fórmula revolucionaria Question 3 with 1 blankastrónoma / observar / cometa / horas Question 4 with 1 blankusted / realizar / avances / investigación Question 5 with 1 blankingeniera / patentar / descubrimiento



Nosotros hemos descargado los programas en la red.

Los matemáticos han descubierto la fórmula revolucionaria.

La astrónoma ha observado el cometa por horas.

Usted ha realizado los avances en la investigación.

La ingeniera ha patentado el descubrimiento.

Tú has enviado el correo electrónico.



Pretérito perfecto simple:

1. Nosotros descargamos programas en la red.

2. Los matemáticos descubrieron una fórmula revolucionaria.

3. La astrónoma observe el cometa durante horas.

4. Usted realice avances en la invertigación.

5. La ingeniera patentó el descubrimiento.



The preterite tense is used to talk about actions that took place in the past and has no relation to the present.  

The past perfect simple or past tense is formed based on the root of the verb (infinitive minus -ar, -er, or -ir) and adding the following disinherities:  

* Verbs of the first conjugation (ending in -ar): -é, -aste, -ó, -amos, asteis, -aron  * Verbs of the second and third conjugation (ending in -er or -ir): -í, -iste, -ió, -imos, -isteis, -ieron

Which statement describes how sleet is formed?A mixture of raindrops and snow stick together and fall as large ice pellets.
Raindrops collect in the clouds and mix with the rain and snow.
Raindrops freeze into ice crystals that continue to grow as they fall down.
Raindrops freeze into small ice pellets and fall in a mixture of rain and snow.



the answer is B. Raindrops collect in the clouds and mix with the rain and snow.


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raindrops freeze into ice crystals that continue to grow as they fall down.


Sleet is not quite rain and not quite snow. It’s probably easiest to think of sleet as partially melted snowflakes. Usually by the time sleet hits the ground it has completely melted. However, if it falls long and hard enough and is accompanied by a driving wind, it may start building up into an icy, slushy mess similar to melting snow. While falling, sleet looks like a combination of rain and snowflakes.

Sleet starts its journey as snow. However, if the falling snowflakes pass through a layer of warmer air on their way to the ground, they may start to melt. If the air isn’t warm enough to completely defrost the flakes, this partially melted snow falls as sleet. It’s also possible for snow to fall, pass through a layer of warm air, turn to rain, then partially refreeze again if it encounters another layer of colder air before reaching the ground.

Unscramble to make a sentence.

mas de escogimos faciles las clases de univeridad


The correct sentence using the words in disorder is:

  • Escogimos las clases más fáciles de la universidad.


  • We chose the easiest classes in the university.

Grammatical order in Spanish.

A correctly written sentence in Spanish is made up of:

  • Noun + conjugated verb + complement.

However, since some verb conjugations correspond to a single personal pronoun, this pronoun is often omitted. On the other hand, the verb must be conjugated according to the verb tense and the noun used in the sentence.

Taking the above into account, in the answer sentence: "escogimos las clases más fáciles de la universidad," each of the above guidelines is:

  • Noun: Nosotros (tacit)
  • Conjugated verb: Escogimos
  • Complement: las clases más fáciles de la universidad.

Since the correct order was used to perform the sentence, the sentence is considered correct.

More information:

Escogimos las clases más fáciles de la universidad

Choose the correct preterite forms of the verbs to complete the sentences.Ayer fula
un vestido muy barato en la tienda y lo


Ayer fula (vio) un vestido muy barato en la tienda y lo (compró)
Vio and compro it would be

Que es lo que inspira escribir a un autor del Neoclasicismo?


Answer: the classical period


Writers and craftsmen of the neoclassicism like  Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift and Josiah Wedgwood, found their inspiration from the classical period. Their works adopted the style, genres, aesthetic values and subjects of Greek and Roman writers.