A truck weighs 16,000 pounds. What is the weight range in tons?


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

uh idrk all ik is that 16,000 punds = 8 tons

Answer 2
Answer: 8
16,000 pounds equals 8 tons

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So i just learned multiplying negative number and i have to put them on a number line pls help here is the Qustion -2 x 5 = please explain

Using the Breadth-First Search Algorithm, determine the minimum number of edges that it would require to reachvertex 'H' starting from vertex 'A'>



The algorithm is given below.

#include <iostream>

#include <vector>

#include <utility>

#include <algorithm>

using namespace std;

const int MAX = 1e4 + 5;

int id[MAX], nodes, edges;

pair <long long, pair<int, int> > p[MAX];

void initialize()


   for(int i = 0;i < MAX;++i)

       id[i] = i;


int root(int x)


   while(id[x] != x)


       id[x] = id[id[x]];

       x = id[x];


   return x;


void union1(int x, int y)


   int p = root(x);

   int q = root(y);

   id[p] = id[q];


long long kruskal(pair<long long, pair<int, int> > p[])


   int x, y;

   long long cost, minimumCost = 0;

   for(int i = 0;i < edges;++i)


       // Selecting edges one by one in increasing order from the beginning

       x = p[i].second.first;

       y = p[i].second.second;

       cost = p[i].first;

       // Check if the selected edge is creating a cycle or not

       if(root(x) != root(y))


           minimumCost += cost;

           union1(x, y);



   return minimumCost;


int main()


   int x, y;

   long long weight, cost, minimumCost;


   cin >> nodes >> edges;

   for(int i = 0;i < edges;++i)


       cin >> x >> y >> weight;

       p[i] = make_pair(weight, make_pair(x, y));


   // Sort the edges in the ascending order

   sort(p, p + edges);

   minimumCost = kruskal(p);

   cout << minimumCost << endl;

   return 0;


Solve 14n2+32n=−34 by using the quadratic formula. Simplify any fractions. If there are multiple answers, list them separated by a comma, e.g. 1,2. If there is no solution, enter ∅.



Step-by-step explanation:

Hello, first of all we can divide by 2.

7n^2+16n+17=0\n\n\Delta=b^2-4ac= 16^2-4*7*17=-220 < 0 \ \ !!

The discriminant is negative so there is no real solutions.

Thank you.

Which situation can be modeled by a function?A. Raquel can spend $15 on 1 shirt, $30 on 2 shirts,or $30 on 3 shirts.

B. Bonnie can spend $10 on a shirt, $20 on 2 shirts, and $20 on 3 shirts.

C. Maria can spend $15 on 1 shirt, $15 on 2 shirts, or $30 on 3 shirts.

D. Natalie can spend $15 on 1 shirt, $30 on 2 shirts, or $45 on 3 shirts.


The equation is y = 15x , where y is the total cost of the shirt and x is the number of shirts

What is an Equation?

Equations are mathematical statements with two algebraic expressions flanking the equals (=) sign on either side.

It demonstrates the equality of the relationship between the expressions printed on the left and right sides.

Coefficients, variables, operators, constants, terms, expressions, and the equal to sign are some of the components of an equation. The "=" sign and terms on both sides must always be present when writing an equation.

Given data ,

Let the equation be represented as A

Now , the value of A is

Substituting the values in the equation , we get

Let the total cost of the shirt be represented as y

Let the number of shirts be represented as x

Now , the cost of 1 shirt = $ 15

The cost of 2 shirts = $ 30

And , the cost of 3 shirts = $ 45

So , the equation will be y = 15x , where x is the number of shirts

Hence , the equation is y = 15x , where y is the total cost of the shirt

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Step-by-step explanation:

the simplest form of this equation would be that (x) is the number of shirts and 15 would be your (y). (1)15=15, (2)15=30 and so on.

Five infinity stones cost $16.80. What is the price per infinity stone ?



The price is $3.36 per infinity stone

Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

Five infinity stones cost $16.80


To find the price of each infinity stone (unit rate) divide the total cost by five

(16.80)/(5) =3.36(\$)/(infinity\ stone)

Given the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle where l represents the length and w represents the width. 2(l + w) What does the 2 represent in this formula?


The fact that there are two length sides and two width sides. 

Look at the steps used when solving 3(x - 2) = 3 for x Which step is the result of combining like terms? A) Step 1

B) Step 2

C) Step 3

D) Step 4


Answer : The correct option is, (B) Step 2

Step-by-step explanation :

The given expression is:

3(x - 2) = 3

In this expression, 'x' is a variable.

By using distributive property, we get:

3x - 6 = 3

Now adding 6 on both side, we get:

3x - 6 + 6 = 3 + 6

Now combining like terms, we get:

3x = 9

Now dividing the expression by 3, we get the value of 'x'.

x = 3

The meaning of like terms in mathematics is that have the same variables and exponents.

Hence, the step result of combining like terms is, Step 2


Step 1

Step-by-step explanation:

Like terms are mathematical terms that have the exact same variables and exponents, this is why step 1 is the answer.