Explain the purpose for which Haitian revolutionary leaders created the 1805 Constitution of Hayti


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Answer: Answer:
Jean Jacques Desalinises wrote this constitutions in 1805.
The purpose was to accelerate independence and to show the world that Haiti has capability of governing herself.To provide freedom of religion, to prevent the white citizens from gaining citizenship or own land in Haiti,and to ensure racism is obliterated from he land, the constitution declared that all citizens were black skin.The latter pronouncements put an end discrimination against light-skin or white color.

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The 1805 Constitution of Hayti was established by Haitian revolutionary leaders aiming to create a free, independent nation post their successful rebellion against French colonial rule. It was emblematic of an end to colonialism and slavery, granting equal rights to all citizens regardless of race or social class. Despite this, economic and social inequalities persisted in the nation.


The 1805 Constitution of Hayti, created by Haitian revolutionary leaders including François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture and Jean-Jacques Dessalines, aimed to establish a free, independent nation following the successful rebellion against French colonial rule. The Constitution was deemed to symbolize an end to colonialism as well as the abolition of slavery, granting rights to all citizens regardless of their race or social class. The foundation of the Constitution was deeply ingrained in the natural rights and social contract theory.

However, despite the broad social equality introduced by the Constitution, it did not bring enduring equality for all. In reality, economic dichotomies persisted as the liberated gens de couleur libres took on the roles of former plantation owners, thus maintaining a form of social hierarchy. Moreover, it took until the twentieth century for the Haitian women to achieve the right to vote, which mirrored the trends of women's suffrage movements in France and the United States.

The Haitian Revolution that led to the formation of the Constitution was a profound decolonizing movement, aiming to dismantle enduring racial injustices and strive for independence. The Constitution symbolized the fruition of these revolutionary aspirations by addressing the core issue of racial inequality and fostering an independent nation.

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