Some of the problems faced by a landlocked country are given in this lesson.There can be more problems. Discuss with your classmates and then add to
the list.​


Answer 1




because in landlocked country they used aeroplane for transportation which is very expensive

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Who is sojourner truth


"A former slave, Sojourner Truth became an outspoken advocate for abolition, temperance, and civil and women's rights in the nineteenth century. Her Civil War work earned her an invitation to meet President Abraham Lincoln in 1864"



Sojourner truth is a negroe that was a slave and she made the book "ain't i woman". Her kids have been sent off to other plantations and she heard about other female and what they get.


How did the French and Indian War impact the American Revolution?



The French and Indian War began in 1754 and ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The war provided Great Britain enormous territorial gains in North America, but disputes over subsequent frontier policy and paying the war's expenses led to colonial discontent, and ultimately to the American Revolution.


Many groups are interested to know if the proportion of Idaho residents who smoke is different than 18% (which was the national proportion of adults who smoke in 2014 according to the CDC). A random sample of Idahoans is taken and for each individual in the sample it is determined whether they are considered a smoker. What hypothesis test is best suited for this situation?


The hypothesis test that is best suited to determine the proportion of smokers in Idaho is One Proportion Test.

One Proportion Test is a hypothesis test that is used to estimate a proportion and facilitate comparison with another proportion.

One Proportion Test works by comparing the proportion to the  target/reference value.

Here, the One Proportion Test will help to compare the Idaho current samples to statistics of smoker collected in 2014.

Therefore, the Option E is correct because it is best suited to determine the proportion of smokers in Idaho is One Proportion Test.

The missing options includes "One mean, Mean of the differences, Difference of two means (independent samples), Several means (ANOVA), One proportion, Difference of two proportions, Chi-Square test of independence"

Read more about this here


The Hypothesis test to use is the Test for Proportions.


There are quite a number of test to select form when analysing a statistical data. Selecting the right one can be quite tricky. When deciding which test you ought to use, there are three questions you need to answer:

  1. Data (What level of measurement was used for the data being analysed?)
  2. Samples (How many samples do we have?)
  3. What is the purpose of the analysis?


The type of data we are presented with is captured in in percentages. This is an example Nominal data.   Nominal summary values are usually stated as frequencies, proportions or percentages.

The tests that involve nominal data are:

  1. Test for a proportion;
  2. Difference of Two Proportions and
  3. Chi Square test for independence

From the criteria above, it's clear we are dealing with Difference of Two Proportions.


This criteria begs the question: How many samples are involved?

  1. Is it one sample for whose statistic (s) is being compared with a hypothetical value? or
  2. Are there two sample being which are being compared with each other?
  3. Is there one sample in which there is a measure or score for more than one variable? e.g. colour and grade or circumference and weight.    

From the criteria above, it's clear we have One Sample with two different considerations - Smoker or Non-smoker.


  1. Are we testing against a hypothesized value?
  2. Are we comparing two statistics? or
  3. Are we looking for a relationship?

You are right! From the example above, we are comparing two statistics.

Therefore putting all the criteria together, we ought to use Test for Proportions is best suited for this situation.



Which actions or methods were used by the United States to engage in proxy wars



the United State engage in funding by putting a lot of money for assistance, military training and assistance in any way, arms, or other forms of material assistance to help(assist) a belligerent party in sustaining or winning  its war endeavor


proxy wars comes about  when a major power incite or encourage or plays a huge hand in the support, to a conflict and also playing a small fighting role. it can simply be said to be a war between two state that is under the fueling, encouragement or instigation by a third party state.

"Long-term potentiation, or LTP, is a process where communication across the synapse _____ the connection, which makes further communication _____."


Answer: "Long-term potentiation, or LTP, is a process where communication across the synapse __between neurons strengthens___ the connection, which makes further communication __easier___."

Explanation: Long term potentiation is described as process whereby communication across the synapse between neurons strengthens the connection, making further communication easier. This is based on recent patterns of synaptic activity that produces long-lasting increase in signal transmission between two neurons. The LTP in the hippocampus is regulated by the activity of the neurotransmitter: glutamate at NMDA receptors, a necessary component for memory formation.

If you have an issue with a course or professor, who do you contact?


Instructors of all levels can be intimidating, but that does not give them the right to misuse their position. If you have a problem with a professor, there is a mechanism for dealing with it.

Spend some time drafting a concise, professional letter to ensure that your complaint is treated seriously. Suggest that they speak with the chairperson of their department or division first;

Stay Detached

  • Maintain a detached and honest tone in your letter. Stick to your narrow set of grievances and avoid harsh, or criticizing tones.

Present Background Information

  • "I am writing to you because of a terrible situation that has occurred in Mr. Johnson's advanced Math class," for example, maybe the first sentence of your letter. All of these circumstances will necessitate detailed explanations.

State the Facts

  • If you just have one issue or incident with the instructor, keep your explanation for that one incident. If the problem persists, you must recall as many occurrences as possible.

Request a Solution

  • End with a respectful plea for a solution. If you don't think the problem can be remedied through communication, ask for disciplinary action. Include a salutation and a closing, and keep the letter formal and readable.

For more information regarding professors leading a good class, refer to the link:



The first step is to talk to the course professor directly to know what is the problem if it can be iron out BTW the two of you but if it cant be resolve then u try to contact your level adviser seeking for his advise on the matter, if the case still remain the same try to contact the department directly through the head if department for solution and after there the last stage is the dean of the faculty who can now take the case to the school management if he cant solve it