What did networks of the 1960s use to connect computers?telephone lines

wireless technology

television signals

telegraph cables


Answer 1



Telephone lines

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Is spread spectrum transmission done for security reasons in commercial WLANs?
What is the purpose of creating a PST file?Question 18 options:a)To document an antivirus pattern that continues to be sent to your mailboxb)To insert as a Signature for all outgoing emailsc) To save your emails so that you can restore your mailbox if necessaryd)To create a file that deleted emails will be sent to for deletion
Is printer an input device​
Blank spaces or unseen control characters in a data file are referred to as
In open addressing with linear probing we must consider how to encodeA. Occupies positionsB. Available positionsC. All other answersD.empty positions

. In Stack we can access elements from both ends

o True

o False





The answer is False. In Stacks, we can access only the top element present in the stack. Stack is the collection of elements which follow LIFO ( Last In First Out ) which means the last element inserted in the stack is the first element to  out. Stack has restriction that only the element which is present at the top called as top element is only accessible. That means only the top element can be inserted and deleted.

Employee names are stored using a maximum of 50 characters. This information is an example of which of the following?Meta-data

Record instance

Data model

Data retrieval


Answer: Data model

Explanation: Data model is the arrangement of the information in the form of table structure to maintain it in the form of database.They help in the keeping the entities in the sequence and can be tracked when required.Example- vendors records,customer record etc.

Other options are incorrect because the data retrieval is the regaining of the data from database, record instance is the parts of the database records  and meta data give knowledge about other data.

what are "open source" programming language? Give examples of open source languages. Discuss the pros and cons of open source language.



  The open source is the programming language that basically falls inside the parameters of the protocol of open-source convention. This fundamentally implies the language are not proprietary, with the specific arrangements (contingent upon the open source permit), can be adjusted and based upon in a way that is available to general society.

The python and ruby are the main examples of the open source programming language.

The disadvantage of the open source is that it is not much compatible as compared to all other software. It is not user friendly and easy for using the software.

The advantage of the open source programming is that it is available at low cost and it has high availability.

When do you need to apply for program completion andreview?a. 1-2 semesters before program completion

b. one month before program completion

c. a couple of weeks before program completion

d.Never, you don’t need to complete any paperwork to prepare for program completion



d. Never, you don’t need to complete any paperwork to prepare for program completion


Program completion is depends on completion of your course work and successful thesis defense. If all the requirements to complete the program are successfully completed with required grades university/ Institute will automatically  complete your program. In case you have any requirement left or any course having grade 'F' your program will not be considered as completed. In case if you want to improve some grade or revise some course you should write to the university that you want improve some course or grade.

So, there is no need to complete any paper work to prepare for program completion.

From an IT perspective, which of the following best describes BI and BI apps?a. Stand-alone
b. Support a specific objective
c. A collection of ISs and technologies
d. Web-based systems designed for for-profits



Explanation: Stand-alone application is the application that is found on the system of every client.In accordance with the IT section, Business intelligence can be transferred into stand-alone application .This helps in the development of the essence of the system at an independent level.

Other options are incorrect because supporting a certain factor will not make it independent, cannot act as the group of ISs technology or web system for gaining profit.Thus,the correct option is option(a).

Many organizations have policies that require users to: a. retain their passwords for a minimum of 30 days. b. include at least three consecutive letters of part of their name in their passwords. c. change their passwords on a regular basis. d. share their passwords with the administrator.




Answer is C. Change their passwords on a regular basis.