Are the series absolutely, conditionally convergent, or divergent?
Are the series absolutely, conditionally convergent, or divergent? - 2


Answer 1

Step-by-step explanation:

∑ sin(nπ/4) / (n³ + 3n)

This is less than 1 / n⁴ for all n > 1.  1/n⁴ is a convergent p-series, so the lesser series also converges.  │aₙ│converges for the same reason, so this is absolutely convergent.

∑ (-1)ⁿ⁺¹ ln(n + 1) / (n + 1)

This is an alternating series.  bₙ is positive and decreasing, and lim(n→∞) bₙ = 0, so the series converges.  Now we need to check if│aₙ│converges.  Using comparison test, │aₙ│is greater than 1/n for all n ≥ 6.  1/n is a divergent p-series, so the greater series│aₙ│also diverges.  So this is conditionally convergent.

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Step-by-step explanation:

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Given in the question:

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if it is positive then it goes upward and if negative it goes if it is approximately 1 then it will be constant or straight...

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Step-by-step explanation:

-4-9 gives -13

when +13 is added to -13 , the expression becomes +13+(-13) =13-13=0

if i’m understanding this correctly -9 + -4 is equal to -13 so wouldn’t you just add 13 to make it 0?

sorry if this is confusing
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