What are the benefits and drawbacks of selecting judges through popular elections? Can a judge who considers herself or himself a Republican or a Democrat render fair and impartial justice?


Answer 1

I believe it is irresponsible to elect anyone by a popular vote. To ensure that it is fair and has not been slashed or meddled with, they should employ the electoral college.

Why are judges appointed and not elected by the people?

All Justices hold their positions for life and are chosen by the President, who also proposes them to the Senate for confirmation. Justices are regarded as being shielded from political pressure while making decisions because they are not required to run for re-election or engage in re-election campaigns. Unless they retire, pass away, are impeached and found guilty by Congress, or resign themselves, justices may continue to serve.

The majority of the cases the Court hears are appealed, and because the Court is the last legal arbitrator of federal law issues in the United States, its rulings are final and cannot be appealed to any other body. The Court may, however, take into account appeals from the top state courts or from federal appellate courts. Notwithstanding the fact that every legal issue may be appealed to the Supreme Court.

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Answer 2


I think that electing anyone through popular vote is not smart. They should use the electoral college to make sure it's unbaised and not hacked or medled in.


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The statement that the mac group does not replace the primary functions of eocs or other dispatch organizations is TRUE because while the MAC group can provide important support and coordination during emergency situations, but does not replace the primary functions of EOCs

The MAC (Multi-Agency Coordination) group is a group of emergency management officials who work together to coordinate and manage resources during an emergency or disaster. While the MAC group can provide valuable support to emergency operations centers (EOCs) and other dispatch organizations, it does not replace their primary functions.

EOCs and dispatch organizations are responsible for managing emergency response activities and coordinating resources such as personnel, equipment, and supplies. They are typically staffed by trained professionals who have expertise in emergency management and response.

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Do you know any good websites to practice law? Please write them down with a link.


Answers is a link it helps with all your answer it gives you the answers I always use it you should try it it’s free

What is the default join type?



If this is for edge....it’s A) inner


Ans: SQL inner join

The simplest and most common form of a join is the SQL inner join the default of the SQL join types used in most database management systems. It's the default SQL join you get when you use the join keyword by itself. The result of the SQL inner join includes rows from both the tables where the join conditions are met.

who wrote: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” ?


It was Madison who wrote that
It was Maddison who answer

As you approach an intersection blanks around and through the intersection for traffic controls and other road users already in the intersection



As you approach an intersection scan around and through the intersection for traffic controls and other road users already in the intersection.


When approaching an intersection you need to get a good visual overview of what is going on from all directions.

If you are approaching an intersection with traffic lights you should be scanning well ahead, therefore you should be prepared to stop if you see that the lights are green from a distance because they will most likely be red by the time you get to the intersection.

At any rate, be prepared to yield to the traffic ahead of you or that are already in the intersection.

Law is a practical discipline; theory has no place in law. With specific references to the Law of Contract, discuss.



Contract is a branch of private law. It thus concerns private obligations that arise in respect of symmetrical relations among natural and artificial persons rather than public obligations that arise in respect of hierarchical relations between persons and the state. Contract, at least in its orthodox expression, is distinctive for concerning chosen, or voluntary, obligations—that is, obligations constituted by the intentions of the contracting parties. This entry describes doctrinal and theoretical accounts of contract law with a special emphasis on the relationship between contract law and two near-neighbors—tort law and fiduciary law.