All of the following are results of increased deforestation of rainforests in Latin America except A desertification B. the loss of biodiversity C. increased transpiration D. erosion Please select the best answer from the choices provided A D Mark this and return The Next Submit​


Answer 1


C. increased transpiration


if i´m rong just let me know^﹏^^m^

Answer 2


C. is your answer


i hope im right sorry if im wrong:/

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What was the name of the compromise thatsolved the balance of power in theunited states.
QUESTION 1"Cause and effect" relationships may be discovered in both genuine correlations and spurious correlations.TrueFalse
Based on meritocracy, a physician’s assistant would:receive the same pay as all the other physician’s assistantsbe encouraged to earn a higher degree to seek a better positionmost likely marry a professional at the same levelearn a pay raise for doing excellent work
Which entity within the federal government is responsible for managing the military?
In the context of Johari Window, the larger the hidden area, the: greater the trust in your interpersonal relationships. lesser the chances of your relationships developing beyond the acquaintance level. lesser the chance that others will be unaware about you. greater the chances for others to determine strategies for working effectively with you.

Subjects who volunteered to receive an experimental treatment for AIDS are educated about essential study information, assessed for understanding of this information, and asked to willingly participate in the research study. This process is referred to as



informed consent


Informed consent refers to the procedure which involves attaining the permission of the individual before initiating any medical or healthcare service to them. Also, the disclosure of personal information falls under consent. Before providing any medical assistance or therapy, the health care provider seeks the consent of the patient. Also, a clinical researcher intends to attain permission from the participant before the commencement of the clinical trial.

Boyd was just informed that he has cancer. He begins thinking through the treatment options available to him. He also considers how much time he will have to take from work, how that may impact his finances, and whether he'll be able to afford his house. In addition, he begins thinking of who will be able to help care for him once the treatments begin. According to Lazarus, the thoughts that went through Boyd's mind represent _____



A Secondary Appraisal


According to Lazarus, primary assessment is a cognitive process through which individuals check the risk involved in a given stress situation. In the secondary assessment people analyze what resources are available and options for dealing with the problem. Boyd's thoughts represent the secondary assessment because he is reflecting on how he will deal with cancer and solve all the problems that cancer will cause.

Why German's supported the Nazi party



Because they wanted a strong and powerful government. After WWI they were angry because Germany had to take care of the reparations and had to sing the Treaty of Versailles, they felt like this was unfair and wanted justice.


Roughly how much federal disaster relief funding did Texas receive for the 2015 storms and flooding in central Texas?


The correct answer to this open question is the following.

Although the question does not include options, we can say the following.

Roughly how much federal disaster relief funding did Texas receive for the 2015 storms and flooding in central Texas? The answer is roughly $80 million.

Approximately 100 towns in the state of Texas were severely damaged due to the storms and flooding of May-June heavy storms. However, four months later, Hurricane Patricia hit hard over the Houston and vicinity area, causing so much damage and pain in the region, paralyzing important freeways and main avenues. The effects of the hurricane also affected the capital of the state, Austin, Texas.

In the United States, there is a focus on leisure, self-fulfillment, physical fitness, feeling young, and concern for the environment. This emerging value cluster is a response to fundamental changes in ________.


The emphasis in the United States is on leisure, self-fulfillment, physical fitness, feeling youthful, and environmental awareness. The emerging value cluster is a response to fundamental changes in society.

The emergence of a value cluster in the US is a reaction to societal shifts including the move to a service-based economy and increasing environmental consciousness.

  • It emphasizes the value of one's own health, freedom of expression, and commitment to environmental preservation.
  • The transition from an economy that was predominantly industrial to one that is increasingly service-based is one fundamental development that has impacted this value cluster.
  • People are looking for fulfillment outside of work, therefore as manufacturing employment has diminished, leisure and self-fulfillment have become more important.

Therefore, The emerging value cluster is a response to fundamental changes in society. Thus, the correct answer is Society.

Learn more about value clusters here,


Answer:Es la vida


Which statement best describes voting rights in the original 13 states?A.

Only white men who lived in one of the largest cities could vote in all 13 states.


Only men who were Revolutionary War veterans could vote in all 13 states.


Only men, regardless of race could vote in all 13 states.


Only white, Protestant men could vote in all 13 states.

Plato!!!! i need help with civics portion of it!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISNT THE ONLY CIVIS QUESTIONS I HAVE


Only white, Protestant men could vote in all 13 states, this statement is explainedin voting rights.

What is right to vote?

Suffrage” is the ability to cast a ballot in political elections regardless of one's race, caste, gender, age, or social status.

Only white Protestant men were allowed to vote in all 13 states. They are a current industrial-era societal phenomena.

As a result, option (d) is correct.

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