We are currently seeing an increase in home _________, where many household activities are being automated or controlled from a distance.


Answer 1

Answer: Automation

Explanation: Automation is the act or process of converting the controlling of a machine or device to a more automatic system such as computer or electronic controls. An increase in home automation allows many household activities to be automated or controlled from a distance i.e. without external control or intervention.

Such activities would include: scheduling of tasks for example watering the garden, accessing surveillance cameras within and outside the house, opening doors, windows etc.

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What is the main basis on which sociologists have classified societies in human history
Curtis finds that his girlfriend is quite uncommunicative this morning. Given what we know about the side effects of extinction, which of the following behavior patterns would we expect Curtis to display?a. an increase in his attempts to communicate with her.b. an increase in emotional behavior.c. an increase in aggression.d. an increase in variability of the behavior.
Which statement best describes voting rights in the original 13 states?A. Only white men who lived in one of the largest cities could vote in all 13 states.B. Only men who were Revolutionary War veterans could vote in all 13 states.C. Only men, regardless of race could vote in all 13 states.D. Only white, Protestant men could vote in all 13 states.Plato!!!! i need help with civics portion of it!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISNT THE ONLY CIVIS QUESTIONS I HAVE
Among older adults, hearing loss, and its associated social isolation, predicts the incidence of depression and :A) menopause. B) brain plasticity. C) neurocognitive disorder. D) a death-deferral phenomenon
What is the the Impact and Significance of the great wall of china?

Edward plans to buy a second-hand car. His friend, Felipe, owns a used car dealership, so he expects a good deal from him and does not bother with visiting other dealerships. Edward's expectation is an example of a(n) _____.



Predictive expectation


Most times will conceive a bigger picture of what is to come in our mind. Edward has a plan to obtain a car and he already has it in mind that his friend will give him a better deal. Edward already anticipated this prediction and its a case of predictive expectation

An expectation is termed predictive when we anticipate an outcome based on our old experience or real-life experience of others. Predictive expectations are most likely to happen because of the history backing up such future actions. Felipe and Edward get along so Edward expects a good deal because of the friendship.

Therefore this type of expectation is Predictive expectation.

What do the weapons and the soldiers in the cartoon represent?Hint: Look at the map from the previous lesson.



In the cartoon, the weapons and the soldiers represent the desecration of womanhood by men with socially-imposed restrictions.  This is the level to which men have reduced women in some societies, the level of oppressed servitude.


The cartoon depicting a general or monarch on a carriage suspended under the body of a woman in chains with two other soldiers on the two sides is an epitome of wickedness.  It shows the burdens to which women are generally subjected to in our societies.  Who are the perpetrators of such evil?  Do they have some heart of flesh?  And this questions the love that is shared by both sexes.  Is it true love or satisfaction of passionate lust?

What are the different indicators of economic condition?​


Answer and Explanation:

A plethora of economic indicators can be used to define the state of the economy or economic conditions, including the unemployment rate, levels of current account and budget surpluses or deficits, GDP growth rates and inflation rates.

In determining the likelihood of success in changing a behavior, all of the following should be considered except:A. Research on changing this behaviorB. Experience of the behavior analystC. Social validity of the behaviorD. Available resources



C. Social validity of the behavior


Behavioral analysis is a global approach to the experimental study of the behavior of organisms. Its main objectives are the discovery of the principles and laws which govern behavior as well as the extension of these principles to all living species. Applied behavior analysis is a branch of behavior analysis that uses the principles of behavior to solve practical problems in everyday life. This consists of observing a person's behavior in terms of stimuli (behavioralism), rather than investigating their thoughts, in order to:

to help him with advice, but also by acting on stimuli (ex: reward / sanction),

to avoid harmful behavior.

sometimes also to condition him to act in a direction that does not correspond to his interests,

or to put it out of harm's way (criminal profiling).

But often, behavioral profiling is used by psychologists, psychiatrists, ... to understand their patients and identify their problems in order to help manage their discomfort. Some people study profiling for a purely personal purpose (generally social) to favor or disadvantage relationships of whatever type (friendships, rivalries, ...)

Maria is an executive coach who wants to use podcasts to create a series of instructional videos and audiocasts for her clients. She has never created a podcast before. What tips should maria follow when creating her podcast


My suggestion to Maria is to follow these steps:

1. Choose a specific theme for each of her podcasts:  

The first step should be the choice of the topic that Maria will address in the podcast. As much as Maria has knowledge of various executive coach topics and want to share everything she knows, it is interesting to focus on a certain topic in order to break it down and deliver content that really adds value to her audience.  

2. Define the podcast participants:

To make her podcasts more dynamic and interesting, Maria can invite other people to participate. To attract the attention of her public, she can invite consultants, researchers or anyone else who is authoritative in the matter to share their knowledge with listeners. In that case, Maria can create podcasts in the format of interview, debate or simply didactic, so that the guest gives a class on the selected topic.  

3. Plan the content that Maria will address:

Before starting to record, I recommend that Maria creates a simple script of what she is going to tackle. If out of nervousness, emotion or simple forgetfulness, Maria "hit that target" when talking, this may compromise the quality of her content.  

4. Prepare herself vocally:

I remind Maria that the podcast is a digital audio file and users must clearly understand what is being said. She or her guests should have good diction and master the tone of voice so that it is not too high or too low.  

5. Order the equipment to record:

Creating a podcast requires few instruments and, therefore, little financial investment. One of the only necessary tools is a good microphone, so that the audio is captured properly and transmit her message with quality for the listeners. In the market, Maria can find several options, each with different characteristics and values. It is possible to use USB microphones, flap or even her smartphone.  

6. Edit each podcast  carefully:

After recording the podcast, it is necessary to edit it, so that it reaches the audience with the most professional aspect possible.  As much as the chosen environment is silent, it is common for some unwanted sounds to appear in the recording or unevenness of the audio. At this stage, these details must be corrected so that all the material is understandable.  

7. Publish her podcasts:

After editing, her podcasts are ready to be published. For this, Maria just needs to choose the ideal platform. There are specific platforms to host audios, many of them free for both the coach and the desired listeners.  

8. Disseminate her podcasts:

There are several channels that can be used for the dissemination of Maria's podcasts and she must take into account the most accessed by her audience, so that her files reach the desired target. It is possible to use social networks, her blog or video channel, along with her institutional videos so that more people have access to her channel. Place attractive messages that show the content that users will have when they listen to her podcasts. Disclosing snippets of content can also leave the listeners curious to listen to the podcast until the end.

Which of the following gave British customs officers the right to search colonial homes for smuggled goods?



British customs officials were given the right to use "writs of assistance" to search warehouses and private homes and to seize smuggled goods.