Wendi is 6 years older than Zaviel. The sum of their ages is 30. Which of these systems of equations can be used to find Wendi's age (w) and Zaviel's age (z)?


Answer 1

The system of equations for the ages of Wendi and Zaviel can be obtained as  x = y + 6 and x + y = 30 respectively.

What is a system of linear equations?

A system of linear equations is a group of  equations having same number of variables and degree.

For the n number of variables n number of equations are required.

On the basis of number of solutions a system of equations can be classified as consistent and inconsistent.

Suppose the age of Wendi and Zaviel be x and y respectively.

Then, the equation for their age can be written as,

x = y + 6

And, the equation for the sum of ages is given as,

x + y = 30

Hence, the equations that represent the given case are x = y + 6 and x + y = 30 respectively.

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Answer 2
Answer: For Wendy’s age you can’t do 30-6=24 and then for Zaviel’s you can do 24-6=18 so Wendy is 24 years old and Zaviel is 18 years old.

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