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I gave my dad happy day raisins. How do I write the name of the special thing correctly?
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Which of the following best describes Matilda at the end of "The Necklace"? A. Wealthy and generous B. Discontented and selfish C. Beautiful and mean D. Hardworking and poor
How dose the syntax contribute to the voice

The statements in this excerpt are objective becausethey:
A) contain facts that can be proven.
B) offer personal beliefs and opinions.
C) include debatable details and ideas.
D) use persuasive words and phrases.



A) Contain facts that can be proven


You did not provide the excerpt, but I can answer your question anyway.

A text is objective when it's backed up by facts, when it states something that can be proven. It is not in any way affected by a person's feelings, beliefs, opinions, assumptions, and similar.

A subjective text is the opposite: it contains personal feelings, beliefs, opinions, etc.

Both subjective and objective text can include debatable details and ideas, or use persuasive words and phrases.

Thus, the correct answer is A.

Answer: A


Plzzz Helppp! I will give brainliest and 30 pts Can someone plz write me a claim using one of these 6 examples from the picture/story “The Round House”



The round house is an important site for the Chippewa people on the reservation, as it continues to be used for religious practice. At the same time, for Joe, it is also the site of the extreme violence against his mother


Which character is complicit in Romeo and Juliet's deception and secret marriage?



Friar Laurence


Friar Laurence is the character who is complicit in the play Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence is the person who performs their marriage. He is also the one who provides constant advice to the couple, particularly when it comes to the moderation of passion. Eventually, he is also the person who provides Juliet with the poison that leads all characters to a tragic end.

Frair Laurance  he knew about their secret marriage and helped plan it.

What is the dictionary ​


Answer with Explanation:

A "dictionary" provides you with a list of words that are arranged in alphabetical order. Each word is provided with a meaning and its pronunciation. It also includes some details such as the origin of the word or how it is being used. Most people nowadays use the electronic form of dictionary while some still prefer the book-type.

So, if you don't know the meaning of a word, do not hesitate to look it up on the dictionary.

☆゚.*・。゚°. + *.✧*。☆゚.*・。゚°. + *.✧*☆゚.*・。゚


• The dictionary is a reference book that contains a list of the words of a language. The words are presented in alphabetical order.

• The dictionary gives information about words; what they mean, how they pronounced, how they used, and how they broken down into syllables.


Item 3What would be a disadvantage in using a radio advertisement to convince people of the importance of washing their hands frequently?

Radio, as a spoken medium, fails to communicate emotions

Radio does not allow for illustrations that show proper technique.

Radio advertising is too short to allow for thorough explanation.

Radio reaches a limited audience, and the message is important for all people.


B Radio cannot show proper technique

Indroduction to poerty Which statement best explains the central idea of these lines



A. Poems should be studied in many ways.


In his poem "Introduction to Poetry", Billy Collins emphasizes the need for patience and open-mindedness in reading or trying to understand poetry. In his opinion, he wants us to have an open mind and be free from any pre-notions when approaching poetry.

In the given lines, he states how a poem should be "hold up to the light/ like a color slide/ or press an ear against its hive". This means that like things that are put up to the light to be better understood and seen, poems should also be given the open-minded treatment with no pre-judgments. Thus, the central idea of the lines is that poems/ poetry should be studied and approached in many ways.