Can somebody pleaase answer for me
can somebody pleaase answer for me - 1


Answer 1
Answer: Just read carefully the directions and ask google for help because other is don’t know it and it’s too hard to solve it
-Just sayi’n
Answer 2
Answer: Yes look on google have a good day

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You are fencing in a rectangular area of a garden you have only 150 feet of fence do you want the length of the garden to be at least 40 feet you want the width of the garden to be at least 5 feet what is a graph showing the possible dimensions your garden could have? What vegetables will you use? What will they represent? How many inequalities do you need to write?
A cable that weighs 6 lb/ft is used to lift 500 lb of coal up a mine shaft 400 ft deep. Find the work done. Show how to approximate the required work by a Riemann sum. (Let x be the distance in feet below the top of the shaft. Enter xi* as xi.)
2(x + 25) =100 hellppppppp meee
In tilapia, an important freshwater food fish from Africa, the males actively court females. They have more incentive to court a female who has already laid all of her eggs, but can they tell the difference? an experiment was done to measure the male tilapia's response to the smell of female fish. Water containing feces from females that were either pre-ovulatory (they still had eggs) or post-ovulatory (they had already laid their eggs) was washed over the gills of males hooked up to an electro-olfactogram machine which measured when the senses of the males were excited. The amplitude of the electro-olfactogram was used as a measure of the excitability of the males in the two different circumstances. Six males were exposed to the scent of pre-ovulatory females; their readings average 1.51 with a standard deviation of .25. Six different males were exposed to post-ovulatory females; their average readings of 0.87 with standard deviation is .31. Assume that the electro-olfactogram readings were approximately normally distributed within the groups.(A) test for a difference in the excitability of the males with exposure to these two types of females(B) what is the estimated average difference in electro-olfactogram readings between the two groups? What is the 95% confidnece limit for the difference between population means?
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What is the maximum height of the basketball when the player passes the ball to someone? Initially, the ball moves at a speed of 12m/sec at an angle with respect to the horizontal of 45 degrees. Is it possible that other player standing 8m away is able to catch the ball without any bounces?


Answer with explanation:

Since the motion of the ball is projectile motion we shall use the equations for projectile motion.

The maximum height achieved by the projectile is given by

h_(max)=(v_(o)^(2)sin^(2)(\theta ))/(2g)

Applying the values we get

h_(max)=(12^(2)* sin^(2)(45))/(2* 9.81)\n\nh_(max)=3.669m

The range of the projectile is given by

R=(v_(o)^(2)sin(2\theta ))/(2g)

Applying values we get

R=(12^(2)* sin(2* 45 ))/(2* 9.81)\n\nR=7.339m

thus the maximum horizontal distance reached by the ball equals 7.339 meters after which it bounces thus a person standing 8 meters away will not be able to catch it.

(The height of the players is not taken into account since no info is given about their height.)

A farmer owns 30 acres of land on which he wishes to grow corn and barely. The cost per acre for seedcorn is $30, and the cost per acre for barely seed is $20. The farmer can invest a maximum of $600 in seed for the two crops. During the cultivation process, the farmer needs to spray fertilizers and insecticides specific to each crop. This costs $10 per acre for corn and $15 per acre for barely. He can invest only $400 in this process.A) Write the two inequalities that are deciding factors for the number of acres of each crop the farmer will plant, based on the amount of money the farmer will spend on planting and cultivating the two crops.

B) replace the inequality signs in the two any qualities with equal signs. For a graft representing the two equations that influence the farmers choice of how much of each crop to grow.

C) should the lines be dilated or solid? Give reasons for both lines. What area should be shaded?

Help please


ok hola bro graicas por los punto                            qui    :

Pls do this for me I am getting annoyed with this



x = 1.7

Step-by-step explanation:

Answer: x=1.7

Explanation: I checked with calculator!

Add the numbers in the series 3+11+19+27+.....+395+403.




Step-by-step explanation:

The given series is in arithmetic progression since the common difference is same which is 8.

To find the sum of series we can simply apply the formula'

S= n/2( first term + last term)

S is the sum and n is the number of terms

we also need to find the number of terms n

n = (last term- first term)/2 + 1

n= (403-3)/(8) + 1

n= 51

s= (51)/(2)(3+403)

s= 10353

Please help solve and explain this


can you put the whole question here

What divides a design so that every point on one side of the line coincideswith a point on the other side of it?
A. Equator of symmetry
B. Point of symmetry
C. Line of symmetry
D. Symmetrical half life


The design that every point on one side of the line coincides with a point on the other side of it is Line of symmetry

What is Symmetry?

Symmetry in mathematics means that when one shape is moved, rotated, or flipped, it looks exactly like the other shape.

A circle or band that divides a body's surface into two typically equal and symmetrical portions.

When a shape or item has a centralpoint, point symmetry occurs when all points on the opposing sides are at the same distance from the centre.

The term "line of symmetry" refers to the fictitious axis or line that can be used to fold a figure into symmetricalhalves.

It denotes that one half is the other half's mirror image.

Thus, the required design is Line of Symmetry.

Learn more about Symmetry here:


C. Line of symmetry is the correct answer