Mort is trying to save money to get out of student debt he saves money each month from his paycheck the function below relates money saved x in thousands of dollars to mouth since graduation, y.y=3x-7
identifying the slope and intercept and describe what each mean in the context​


Answer 1


hello your answer is 21  y=21

Step-by-step explanation:

3 times -7 is 21- hope i helped

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Help pls I’m confused
Determine whether −3x−y2=−1 is a function.
A pool in the shape of a rectangular prism is 6 meters long and 3 meters wide. the water in the pool is 1 meter deep.a. the density of water is about 1 gram per cubic centimeter. find the number of kilograms of water in the pool. question 2b. you add 6000 kilograms of water to the pool. what is the depth of the water in the pool? write your answer as a fraction. the water is about meters deep.
The segments shown below could form a triangle.A. TrueB. False
61+r=122 so what is r please help quickly​

Find three consecutive integers whose sum is 216. (Hint: if n represents the smallest of the three integers, n + 1 and n + 2 representthe other two numbers.)



71, 72, 73

Step-by-step explanation:

So we want to find three consecutive integers that equal 216.

Let the first integer be n.

Then the second integer is n+1, and the third integer is n+2.



Combine like terms:


Subtract 3 from both sides:


Divide 3 from both sides:


So, the first term is 71.

And the other two is 72 and 73.

And we are done :)

What is the slope of the line described by the equation below?y= 10x + 2
A. -10
B. 10
C. 2
O D. -2



B because when you compare y= mx+ c where M is the slope or gradient

A parking lot is 100 yards long. What is the length of 3/4 of the parking lot, in feet? (Not in words)


1 yard = 3 feet.

100 yards x 3 = 300 feet.

300 feet x 3/4 = 225 feet.

The answer is 225 feet.


225 ft hope it helps

Consider the figure.
Find AB if BC = 4, BD = 5, and AD = 5


so I think it's a rectangle. and AB is the diagnal line. to find AB, we need to use the hypothegorin teorin.

BD=5, DA=5

let x represent the AB

formula= a²+b²=c²

= 5²+5²= x²

= 25+25=x²


=square root of 50= 7.07

AB is 7.07

The hospital has a ratio of 8 nursing assistants to 1 mny, there are 6 nurses working. How many nursing assis
working today?


Two because it’s dhdj sus

24° 59' 60" is equivalent to how many degrees.


This question requires you to covert minutes and seconds to degrees
In the question we have 59 minutes and 60 seconds that needs to be converted.
1°=60 minutes
59 minutes = 59÷60
60 seconds = 1 minute 
1 minute  = 0.0166667°

So, 24° 59' 60" will be equal to

24°+0.983333°+0.0166667°= 24.9999997°