The leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults is: Unintentional Injuries Who primarily benefits from first aid training? Onself Properly applied, first aid may mean the difference between: Rapid recovery and long hospitalization, life and death, temporary disability and permanent injury If the victim is unresponsive, permission to give first aid is known as: Implied Consent In cases of psychiatric emergencies, who has authority to restrain and transport a person against the person's will? Police Officer Deviation from accepted standards of care that results in further injury to the victim is known as: Negligence Which statement concerning duty to act is correct? Follows the guidelines for standards of care, when employment requires it, when a pre-existing relationship exists A first aider who breaks his or her responsibility to a victim by failing to provide the type of care that another person with similar training would provide commits: Breach of Duty Which of the following statements concerning the Good Samaritan laws is true? They protect first aiders acting in good faith What level of care is a first aider expected to give? Proper medical care, standard of care, exceptional care __________ encourage(s) people to assist others in distress by granting them immunity against lawsuits. Good Samaritan Laws


Answer 1


Good Samaritan Laws


Samaritan laws are legal laws in the United States which states to offer legal protection to the people who acts as first aiders and protect other people those who are injured or believed to be ill, mentally distressed, is a victim of crime and assists them to proper medical care.

The good Samaritan laws always protect the first aiders who act in good faith. These laws provide immunity or legal protection to these first aiders to assist others in distress.

Answer 2

Final answer:

This question touches on various aspects related to first aid and emergency health intervention guidelines. It talks about the leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults, the purpose of first aid training, and legal concerns such as implied consent, Good Samaritan laws, and breaching the duty of care.


The leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults is unintentional injuries, primarily due to accidents such as falls, automobile, and motorcycle accidents, and severe cases, head injuries which could lead to immediate death, disability, bleeding, and infections. Regarding first aid training, its primary beneficiary is oneself. Providing the first aid accurately allows for rapid recovery instead of long hospitalization, also, it can mean the difference between life and death or even between temporary and permanent injury.


If the victim is unresponsive, the permission to execute first aid is called Implied Consent. In cases of psychiatric emergencies, a police officer has the authority to restrain and transport a person against their will. Negligence, a deviation from the accepted standards of care can result in further injuries to the victim.

In a scenario where a first aider fails to provide the type of care that another person with a similar level of training would provide, this is referred to as Breach of Duty. Good Samaritan laws protect first-aiders acting in good faith from lawsuits and encourage people to help others in distress. The level of care a first aider is expected to give ranges from proper medical care, and standard of care, to exceptional care.

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A change in the value of an objective function coefficient does not change the optimal solution.True or False


It is accurate to say that the optimal solution is unaffected by changes in the value of an objective function coefficient.

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Question 1 of 10 The monetary base refers to which element of a country's economic system? O A. Money that is actively being used by businesses and individuals B. The rate at which money gains or loses value over time C. All money that is circulating throughout the economy D. Any funds that can be easily accessed, such as investments in stocks.​please help


The monetary base refers to all money that is circulating throughout the economic element of a country's economic system.

What is the monetary base called?

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  • Weak and fragile democracies
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  2. Egypt
  3. Libya
  4. Morocco
  5. Sudan
  6. Western Sahara and  
  7. Tunisia.

Algeria, for instance, is still under military rule or what some may call a "controlled democracy". This comprises of a mixed leadership of the military and unelected civilians who make decisions in the country.  

Unsatisfied with the current system of government, the people are constantly oscillating between having mild and unrest and having a coup to enable them to transition into a full-blown democracy.

Egypt too is not left out.

In March of 2019, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi secured a second term in what many describe as an unfree and unfair presidential election.

Since then his security forces have reduced the country's democracy to one of intimidation, violence, and arrests especially against political opponents, civil society activists, and many others who voice out their criticism of the government.


Since the Muammar Qaddafi was overthrown, Libya has continued to struggle. Many of the peace conferences sponsored by various nations have failed to yield any result.  

The country is still rife with violent conflicts as it tries to very hard to create operational state institutions.  

One of the factors that have been attributed to Libya's current state of events is interference by foreign actors such as Turkey, UAE, Russia and some European states.


The Moroccan system of government is still largely repressive with many proponents of good governance being jailed for statements they uttered under torture by the police.

Freedom of speech is very far from the reach of the people in Morocco.



Following the ousting from the government of President Omar al-Bashir, an interim government comprising civilians and military officials is currently in charge of the affairs of the nation.

The country is staggering under the weight of inflation, nefarious activities by rebels and huge public debts.

Western Sahara

Western Sahara is contested territory. It is contested between Morocco and the Front Polisario and its legal status is still unresolved.

A lot of Sahrawis have lived all their life as refugees. The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, estimates that about 170,000 are currently in the Tindouf refugee camps.


Tunisia is the only fully democratic sovereign state in the Arab world.

It is credited with a high human development index.



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i put c and its wrong on the test but its b