How many states must approve of a proposed amendment before it becomes part of the Constitution?


Answer 1


Three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States).


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What is guidance? describe a scenario where a parent is providing guidance to a child?
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Eric has held a part-time job in a community mental health center throughout college. he values his interactions with the clients and is known for remaining calm during high stress situations at the clinic. he may be most interested in the ____ track of psychology. a. applied b. experimental c. clinical or counseling d. social
Which field of anthropology is devoted to solving crimes, helping to locate mass graves, and identifying victims of war and state- sponsored brutality?

In the context of depth perception, which of the following is a monocular cue?Vivid colors



Texture gradient


my best guess is Convergence or Texture Gradient 

How did the Supreme Court cases help end segregation?



Partly because of checks and balances.


(Checks and balances basically made almost all decisions by government officials fair and constitutional)


Board of Education of Topeka on May 17, 1954 is perhaps the most famous of all Supreme Court cases, as it started the process ending segregation. It overturned the equally far-reaching decision of Plessy v. ... The Plessy decision institutionalized Jim Crow laws that allowed racial segregation to continue for decades.


Parents can differentiate the __________ of their infant's cries


Parents can differentiate the severity and intensity of their infant's cries.

What population problem is India facing, and what are the consequences of this situation?


India's population is expanding quickly. India already struggles to feed its population due to high birth rates. Both doctors and schools are in short supply. Sanitation facilities and electricity are not available to everyone. Also prevalent are high rates of newborn and child mortality.

What is population problem?

Africa is the major region with the quickest rate of population growth. The population of sub-Saharan Africa is projected to quadruple by 2050. Even if fertility rates sharply fall in the near future, Africa is expected to experience rapid population expansion.

According to UN predictions, there will be more than 11 billion people on the planet by the end of the century. There are 227,000 additional births each day. As the world's population grows, so do the demands for water, land, forests, and fossil fuels, which has an adverse effect on the already endangered flora and fauna.

Thus, India's population is expanding quickly.

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India’s population is growing very rapidly. Birth rates are high, and India already has trouble providing enough for everyone. There are not enough schools or doctors. Not all people have access to electricity or sanitation. There are also high rates of child and infant mortality.

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Lucas's test shows the presence of Choose... . A positive Lucas's test appears as Choose... . A negative Lucas's test appears as



1. Secondary and tertiary benzoic acid. but not for primary alcohol

2. a positive lucas test appears as turbid

3. a negative lucas test is colourless or with clear solution


Lucas's test is a solution of anhydrous zinc chloride which is concentrated In Hcl acid. such a solution classified alcohols that have low molecular weight.

in answer to this question

Lucas's testshowsthepresence ofsecondary and tertiary benzoic acid

apositivelucastestappearsturbidbecause offormation ofchloralkane.

anegativelucastestiscolourlessorhasaclear solution.

A company's productivity is a measure of:A. the amount of capital investment it requires.
B. its efficielcy in producing a good or service.
C. the total cost for running the business.
D. its history of developing high-quality products.


A company's productivity is a measure of its efficiency in producing a good or service. Thus the correct answer is B.

What is productivity?

The effectiveness with which goods or services are produced is measured by productivity. Productivity is typically calculated as the average of a single output or the sum of all inputs used in a production process.

Therefore, option B is appropriate as it shows efficiency in producing goods or services.

Learn more about efficiency, here:


Answer: B


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