The cause of the Trojan War was _______________________.

Group of answer choices


Answer 1


When the Queen got kidnapped.


Answer 2


the queen had gotten kiddnaped


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Correcting the sentences/phrases
Claim: Having a school library is important for students. It allows them immediate access to books so that they can study. Counterclaim: School libraries are unnecessary when there are public libraries nearby, especially since it is very costly to maintain a school library. Identify a rebuttal that would address the counterclaim.
Sunscreen is a hot topic every summer. Dermatologists recommend wearing it every day to protect your skin from solar radiation. But skeptics say it can cause more harm than good by exposing you to dangerous chemicals and causing Vitamin D deficiency. There are two good reasons to wear sunscreen: to protect your health, and to protect your looks. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer. Over time, it also makes skin saggy and wrinkled. Numerous studies have shown that regular use of sunscreen reduces the occurrence of skin cancer, and also keeps skin smoother and more elastic. In contrast, there is little evidence that sunscreens currently on the market contain ingredients that are harmful when absorbed. It doesn’t take much sunlight to produce all the Vitamin D needed for good health, either. Which of the options below is the most effective conclusion to the essay? Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen every day to protect your skin from the sun’s radiation, although some skeptics worry about exposure to dangerous chemicals and Vitamin D deficiency. Many studies have shown that regular use of sunscreen is good for you. There is little evidence it is harmful. In closing, the evidence for wearing sunscreen is clear and bright, while the arguments against it are partly cloudy at best. Use it every day, and your skin will look and be healthy. Walt Whitman said, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” Easy to for him say when he always wore a thick beard and big hat, but everyone else should either seek out those shadows or put on some sunscreen. Poetry can soothe your soul, but only sunscreen will protect your skin. Sunscreens work in two ways. Some use minerals to form a physical barrier that reflects radiation away from your skin. Others include chemical compounds that absorb the sunlight before your skin does. When used properly, both types of sunscreen can protect your skin from damage.
Which of the following is not a principle of Puritanism

You travelled to a very distant place during which you were involved in an accident which almost took your life.write a letter to your friend narrating the accident



Number 23 Bishop Close,


3rd October, 2020.

Hello Michael, how's the wife doing? Still giving you joy and problems? Haha. I miss seeing your face when she teases you.

My trip to Barbados has been great, better than I even expected. However, I got into an accident four days ago.

I went out in a boat with some friends to catch fish and have fun. At first, I was unsure because I don't know how to swim, but I was convinced that nothing bad would happen and I would wear my safety cover at all times.

However, I failed to stick to the rules of the sea as I tripped and fell over into the water, it was about forty seconds before anyone noticed what was going on, by then I was almost in hysterics because I was drowning. Don't laugh. I'm serious.

I was eventually dragged back into the boat and immediately taken to the shore where I underwent a compulsory medical check up. I could have drowned in a far away country, man that was traumatic and terrifying.

Apart from that unfortunate accident, I've been having the time of my life, I'll be back home next week.

Do greet the wife for me.



As he sat and regained his breath, he noted that he was feeling quite warm and comfortable. He was not shivering, and it even seemed that a warm glow had come to his chest and trunk. Then the thought came to him that the frozen portions of his body must be extending, and he made another wild run along the trail. And all the time the dog ran with him, at his heels.What is the character’s motivation in the excerpt?

The man is internally motivated by his loyalty to the dog.
The man is internally motivated by a survival instinct.
The man is externally motivated by the hope of peer recognition.
The man is externally motivated by the urgings of the dog.


Answer: The second opinion


He was comfortable so it couldn’t have been external and him and his dog was doing fine but he knew he was alarmingly cold

The second opinion

Lines 164-168 how does the story alluded to here relate to the pilgrims experience?



i didnt even read this



How do I make sense of my role and capacities in interdependent connections and relationships?



The key to building an interdependent relationship is to be mindful of who you are from the beginning.

The answer to which question will not help you to evaluate a source for credibility?A.What are the author’s credentials?

B.How current is the source?

C.What is the purpose of the source?

D.How many pictures are there?


D. How many pictures are there is the correct answer.

All the other three options are very important in evaluating a source for it s credibility
D. How many pictures are there is the correct answer.

One individual has a strong desire to become an ideal staff. His manager should arrange a job to meet his …………………a.
social needs

Self-actualization needs

Safety needs

Physiological needs


The answer to this question is B.

Self-actualization is usually used for someone who goes to the limits to fulfill their talent, ability, or job. They realize how good they can do in their profession.

This individual you mention has a great desire to become ideal, or a star. This is someone with self-actualization needs.