Solve m^2+8m=-3 by completing the square​


Answer 1
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Answer: 62.5 (assuming it flies straight up, because we don't know the speed of the bird going straight, left, right, or back.)

Step-by-step explanation:

They want to know how far the bird flies in a minute. What you do is you use the char to help you figure it out, by dividing the first row both by 2, so it would give the answer under the altitude column.

a recipe for 30 cookies calls for 4 tablespoons of sugar. If you make 40 cookies and use 5 tablespoons of sugar, will the cookies taste the same? HELP ASAP WILL MARK BRAINLISET IF CORRECT


No because the each batch of 2 table spoons is 15 and 40 minus 30 equals 10 so no it won’t taste the same

The sum of two numbers is twenty-five. One number is five less than the other.


Answer: x=15, y=10

*Note: x and y are only variables used to solve this problem, but know that the two numbers are 15 and 10.

Step-by-step explanation:

For this problem, we can use system of equations. Let's use x for one number and y for the other.

First Equation:


We get this equation because it states that the sum of the two numbers is 25.

Second Equation:


We get this equation because it says one number (y) is 5 less than the other (x).

Since we have two equations, we can use substitution method to solve.

x+(x-5)=25                                  [distribute 1 to (x-5)]

x+x-5=25                                     [combine like terms]

2x-5=25                                         [add both sides by 5]

2x=30                                                [divide both sides by 2]


Now that we have x, we can plug it into any of the equations to find y.

x+y=25                                          [plug in x=15]

15+y=25                                         [subtract both sides by 15]


Finally, we have our answer, x=15 and y=10.


Step-by-step explanation:

Use the graph to answer the questions help!



0; 2; 6; 0 or -1

Step-by-step explanation:

If the question says "f(a)=" they are asking for the y value with the given x such as the two first ones.

If it's "f(x)=a than x=" they are asking you what x is when the (bolded) x is a given value.

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b. it is equivalent to 2/100


B. It is equivalent to 20/100

C. It is equivalent to the fraction represented by this picture

Step-by-step explanation:

20/100 simplified is 2/10

The graph also contains the right amount of boxes to represent 2/10 or 20/100

Hope this helps!

The area of a triangle can be found using the formula:Area=1/2=base=height
Find the area of the triangle pictured below where the measurements are given in meters, (M)



5 squared units

Step-by-step explanation:

Area of triangle

= (1)/(2)  * base * height \n  \n  =  (1)/(2)  * 2 * 5 \n  \n  = 5 \:  {unit}^(2)