What did Columbus believe about the earth before he began exploring?


Answer 1


the earth was round


Christopher Columbus to knew that the Earth was around when he proposed to reach India by sailing west from Spain to knew that the Earth was round

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What is one of the primary differences between a market economy and a command economy ? A. A command economy has less government control. B. A command economy offers more consumer choices. C. A market economy has less private ownership. D. A market economy has more business competition.​
Discuss 3 ways that islam had an impact on west Africa
In his "Truman Doctrine" the U.S. president believed the way to "contain" Soviet expansion would be byfinancially supporting the free nations of the world who are feeling the pressure to become communists andjoin the Soviet's Warsaw Alliance.Why do you think Great Britain and France received the most financial aid?
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what struggles did India face in becoming independent and how did it affect the independence movement

Help please1. which Enlightenment ideal encouraged colonists to exercise a new type of political system decided by the citizens through a vote?

a. popular sovereignty
b. concept of national rights
c. divine right of kings
D. Ideal socially quality

2. how were Thomas Jefferson's and Thomas paine's contributions to the American Revolution similar?

a. both were moderate Colonists who respected the British king

b. both produce important text associated with the revolution

c. both participated in Revolutionary Wars in bottles and a soldiers

d. both helped organize the Boston Tea Party

3. what social change did the American Revolution bring about regarding gender roles?

a. women brain taking an active part in managing businesses

b. the American Army higher in equal number of men and women

c. men started helping women with household chores

d. women secured important wins for the Continental


separation of powers

B. checks and balances

C. social contract

D. natural law

what social change did the American Revolution bring about regarding gender roles

Using the RACE method, answer the following question: Do you think Andrew Carnegie was a good person or a villain?PLS HELP ASAP



"Gospel of Wealth" describes Andrew Carnegie's philosophy.

The 'Gospel of Wealth' was an article composed by Andrew Carnegie in 1889. Carnegie, a steel tycoon, contended that extremely well off men like him had a duty to utilize their riches for greater benefit of society. It's a break with the individualist account that we are frequently given. It addressed issues of commitment, heritage, and community as imperative qualities. It’s a manifesto for philanthropy.


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Explain how China developed its first civilizations.List some characteristics for each dynasty






Answer:So, civilization developed in China the same way it developed in South Asia, Southwest Asia, and North Africa. It is difficult to be sure about China's early ancient history. Most historians agree that civilization occurred sometime around 2000 BCE around the Yellow River.

Explanation: shang

John Locke’s theory of the social contract, as developed in the United States Declaration of Independence, stated that *



People have moral rights and duties within society. Thought people were naturally good.

Explanation: there is a benefit of the individuals involved, so they will fulfill their part of the agreement.

Who acted as a leader for the Roman catholic church but was believed to be corrupt?


A man named Luther corrupted the church by nailing his 97 Theses of Contention to the Wittenberg door. I believe this is an answer, hope it helps!

To practice imperialism you must use your military true or false?





As military technology increased imperialism as a result increased and also vice-versa. For example machine guns and rapid-firing rifles made imperialism possible.