What is 221, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, expressed in scientific notation​


Answer 1


2.21 × 10^17


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What is the solution to x+5>-7
4. Jeanne has $17.50 in her piggy bank. How much money, m, does she need to buy a game that costs $68.75?5. A number increased by 18 is 50.6. A number when multiplied by 3 is -217. A number divided by -8 is 68. Ellen is x years old right now. In thirteen years she will be 24 years old. How old is she now?9. Each piece of candy costs 0.25 cents. Sam bought a handful of candy and it costs a total of $2.00. How many pieces did he buy?10. Suzanne made a withdrawal from her savings account. Her old balance was $350.72, and her new balance is $280.20. How much did she withdraw?11. A large pizza has s, amount of slices that are split among 5 kids. The amount of slices each kid gets is 3. How many slices were there total?
A ball is thrown straight out at 80 feet per second from an upstairs window that's 15 feet off the ground. It turns out that its motion can be broken down into its motion in the x-direction (horizontally) and its motion in the y-direction (vertically), and that those two components can be thought of completely independently. In other words, its horizontal motion has no influence on its vertical motion, and vice versa. I've written the two component functions here: x(t) is its position in the x-direction, and y(t) is its position in the y-direction. Which of the following choices is correct? (Ignore air resistance.) NOTE: Use a reference frame that makes all positions (x and y coordinates) of the projectile positive.
What does perimeter mean

Fill in the blank with the missing term in the pattern. 216, 72, 24, ____​


The Answer is 216, 72, 24, 8

Marcus likes Nike sneakers. He paid $195 for a sneaker that originally cost $245. What is the percent discount of his purchase?




Step-by-step explanation:

195 divided by 245 = 0.79 approximately


Always divide the small number by the big number for percentages

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What is the answer to this, please?



s^3 + 12

Step-by-step explanation:

To get the missing volume you need to do:

height x length x width or s^3.

Then, add that volume to the existing 12 volume:

s^3 + 12.

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Brainliest please?

Answer:  I don't know do it your self

Step-by-step explanation:

College Algebra Half Life ProblemRecently, while digging in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, archaeologists found corn pollen that was 4000 years old. This was evidence that Native Americans had been cultivating crops in the Southwest centuries earlier than scientists had thought.

What percent of the carbon-14 had been lost from the pollen?

(half-life of carbon-14 = 5730)


I think the correct answer is 56%

Let X∼ Exponential (λ )and let t be a constant with 0 0 be any value.



Hello! Hope you are having a good day. Your answer is F. I just did this. Good luck!

Step-by-step explanation:

What is the solution to the equation -3(h+5)+2=4(h+6)-9




Step-by-step explanation:

The equation is -3(h+5)+2=4(h+6)-9 we need to find the value of h.

First we are going to distribute the products.

-3(h+5)+2=4(h+6)-9\n -3h-15+2=4h+24-9\n -3h-13=4h+15

We have to put the terms with letter h in the left side of the equation and the terms without h in the right side;

-3h-13=4h+15\n -3h-4h=15+13


Now, for the last step we have to divide both sides of the equation in (-7):

-7h=28\n ((-7)h)/((-7)) =(28)/((-7)) \n h=-4

The answer to your question is h=−4