Please help ASAP. Worth 50 points
Please help ASAP. Worth 50 points - 1


Answer 1


the anser is 9.5+1.5n and the second ansr is 48x+16

Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

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At the start of the day there was 129.75 in the till one hour later there is 145.40 how much did the shop take in a hour


At the start of the day, there was £129.75. Later, they made more money, so the £145.50. To find the amount of change, you just need to deduct the number 129.75 from 145.50.

145.50 - 129.75 = 15.75

The shop made 
£15.75 in one hour.

How do you divide fractions with wholes? °ω°



whole numbers u put a 1 on the bottom and  then do the keep change flip

Step-by-step explanation:

A souvenir mug sells for $8.00 at a hotel gift store. The sales tax on the mug is $0.44.What is the sales tax rate? (Remember, sales tax rate is a percent)

please help with this!!!


The sale tax rate is 5.5%
Proof : 8 x 5.5% = $8.44

Solve the differential equation x^2 y"-xy' +y 0



y(x)\ =\ √(x)[C_1cos(√(3))/(2)logx+C_2sin(√(3))/(2)logx]

Step-by-step explanation:

Given differential equation is

x^2y                     (1)

Let's assume that


=>\ t\ =\ logx



and\ (d^2x)/(dt^2)=e^t

We can write,






Putting these values in equation (1), we will get



So, the characteristics equation can be given as


=>D\ =\ (1+√(1-4))/(2)\ or\ (1-1√(1-4))/(2)

=>D=\ (1)/(2)+i(√(3))/(2)\ or\ (1)/(2)-i(√(3))/(2)

Hence, the general solution of the equation can be give by

y(t)\ =\ e^{(t)/(2)}[C_1cos(√(3))/(2)t+C_2sin(√(3))/(2)t]

Now, by putting the value of t in above solution, we will have

y(x)\ =\ e^{(1)/(2)logx}[C_1cos(√(3))/(2)logx+C_2sin(√(3))/(2)logx]

y(x)=\ √(x)[C_1cos(√(3))/(2)logx+C_2sin(√(3))/(2)logx]

Hence, the solution of above given differential equation can be given by

y(x)=\ √(x)[C_1cos(√(3))/(2)logx+C_2sin(√(3))/(2)logx]


Hello please help me geometry :)



the \: hieght \: of \: the \: trapazium \: \n  is \: 2.5 \: inches

Jay simplify the expression 3x( 3+12÷3)-4 over his first step he added 3+12 to get 15 what was jays error? Find the correct answer


Hello there!

To simplify this expression, you must follow PEMDAS.

3x(3+12÷3) parentheses first
3x(3+4) do the division
3x(7) addition inside of parentheses
21x multiplication

This means that Jay is incorrect in doing addition first.

I really hope this helps!
Best wishes :)
distribute 3x through all the numbers in () then solve for x and you get 21x-4