Write an equation that illustrates the following: a number with two decimal places multiplied by a number with one decimal place the product has only 2 nonzero digits.


Answer 1

One of the equation which illustrates and meets the conditions given is :

  • First number = 1.25
  • First number = 1.25Second number = 0.2.
  • Product = 0.25

First number, x = 1.25

First number, x = 1.25 Second number, y = 0.2

Result = first Number × second number

Result = 1.25 × 0.2

Result = 1.25 × 0.2 Result = 0.25

Evaluating the result : 0.25

Number of digits = 3

Non - zero digits = 2

There are several values of x and y which will satisfy the 3conditions given.

Therefore, the product of the values 1.25 and 0.2 gives the required output.

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Answer 2


Step-by-step explanation:

Represent the equation as follows:

a * b = c

Where a,b and c are decimal numbers

To solve further, we make use of trial by error method


a = 2.52

b = 0.6

Such that

2.5 * 0.6 = c

1.512 = c

c = 1.512

This set of digits do not follow the rule in the question


a = 2.55

b = 1.6

2.55 * 1.6 = c

4.08 = c

c = 4.08

The result has only 2 non zeros (4 and 8)


2.55 * 1.6 = 4.08 answers the question.

However, there are other set of numbers that can be used too

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Answer: it’s to the right 3 units

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