Consider the expression 8 ā€“ 4 / 2. One student says the answer is 2 and another says it is 6. Which student is correct? Explain what went wrong with the student who made a mistake.


Answer 1


It is 6. The student who got a two did not use order of operations.

Step-by-step explanation:


You must do division before subtraction. 4/2 = 2.

8 - 2 = 6

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Translate the sentence into algebraic symbols.If a number is increased by 27 and then the sum is multiplied by seven, the
result is 150.


9514 1404 393


  7(x +27) = 150

Step-by-step explanation:

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  "a number increased by 27" . . . . x +27

  "the sum multiplied by 7" . . . . . 7(x +27)

  "the result is 150" . . . . . . 7(x +27) = 150

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