How many times will the following loop display "Looping again!"? for(int i=0; i<=20; i++) cout << "Looping again!" << endl;


Answer 1


21 times


Following are the description of output:

  • As it is for loop and The loop is started from the i=0 , after that check the condition 0<=20 condition is true .The control moves to the body of loop and it print Looping again! on the console window .After that it increment the value of i=i+1 .
  • Now i=1  1<=20  condition is true .The control moves to the body of loop and it print Looping again! on the console window .After that it increment the value of i=i+1 .
  • i=2 2<=20 condition is true .The control moves to the body of loop and it print Looping again! on the console window .After that it increment the value of i=i+1 .
  • ............soon
  • This process is executed again and again but when the value i=21 the loop condition is false .The loop is terminated .
  • As the loop is starts from the i=0 and executed less then equal to 20 therefore 21 times the loop is executed .

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See the program code at explaination



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atcountry2 NVARCHAR(15)




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set atcountry2='Canada'

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Note: please kindly replace all the "at" with the correct at symbol.

The editor doesn't support it on Brainly.

PLEASE ANYONE!!which present margins would be best to get the most information to fit on the page​



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Enter integer 12131231



Above is the output of the program and for the solution check the screenshots attach to understand clearly the program.


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because its throwing the exception

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