PLEASE HELP!A farmer wanted to paint a shed out in his field. Here is the breakdown of the dimensions: the building is sitting on a square slab of cement that is 10' x 10'. It is 8 feet from the bottom of the shed to the bottom of the roof on the edge, and 10 feet from the bottom of the shed to the top of the very tip top of the roof. So A = 10, B = 8 and C = 10. Using the formula for the area of a rectangle, A = l x w and the area of a triangle, 1/2(bh), b is base and h is height, then find the total area that needs to be painted. Total area =


Answer 1


  340 square feet

Step-by-step explanation:

If we "unwrap" the painted surface from the shed, it will have the shape shown in the attachment. It is essentially a 40' by 8' rectangle with two 10' wide by 2' high triangles added.

The rectangle area is ...

  A = LW = (40 ft)(8 ft) = 320 ft²

The total area of the two triangles is ...

  A = 2(1/2)bh = (10 ft)(2 ft) = 20 ft²

Then the painted area is ...

  total area = 320 ft² +20 ft²

  total area = 340 ft²

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hope this helped :)

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