What does the word entre mean?
excuse me
thank you
come in


Answer 1

Answer:come in


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Answer 2
Answer: It has many meanings but the true meaning for it means “Come In”. For example it can be said when you have an unexpected guest over and you tell them to come in “Entre Entre”. It also means between , among and amongst. Used in a sentence “ Levantaron el auto entre seis hombres” meaning “The car was raised by six men.”

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5) por

6) para


cuanto pagaste por esos zapatos

2. La tarea es para mañana

Here is the questions



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2.Cuba esta muy lejos de España

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The answer is most likely C. TRAE. Trae means bring.
Anwser to this queStion is C

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the answer is B. Raindrops collect in the clouds and mix with the rain and snow.


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raindrops freeze into ice crystals that continue to grow as they fall down.


Sleet is not quite rain and not quite snow. It’s probably easiest to think of sleet as partially melted snowflakes. Usually by the time sleet hits the ground it has completely melted. However, if it falls long and hard enough and is accompanied by a driving wind, it may start building up into an icy, slushy mess similar to melting snow. While falling, sleet looks like a combination of rain and snowflakes.

Sleet starts its journey as snow. However, if the falling snowflakes pass through a layer of warmer air on their way to the ground, they may start to melt. If the air isn’t warm enough to completely defrost the flakes, this partially melted snow falls as sleet. It’s also possible for snow to fall, pass through a layer of warm air, turn to rain, then partially refreeze again if it encounters another layer of colder air before reaching the ground.

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10.es (I think)



13. están

14. Son (I think)

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4. A Juana le ________________ (encantar) las telenovelas (soap operas).


A Juana le encantan las telenovelas (soap operas).

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encantan would be the correct answer