Why is it important to have high
quality audio files


Answer 1



Because as quality increases the tone increases

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Given below are the analysis of variance results from a Minitab display. Assume that you want to use a 0.05 significance level in testing the null hypothesis that the different samples come from populations with the same mean. Identify the ​P-value.
D(n)=8−6(n−1) What’s the 6th term
(2 + 3i) + (4 - 6i) equal?
How to simply the radical
Safegate Foods, Inc., is redesigning the checkout lanes in its supermarkets throughout the country and is considering two designs. Tests on customer checkout times conducted at two stores where the two new systems have been installed result in the following summary of the data.System System Bn1=120 n2=100x1=4.1 minutes x2=3.4 minutesσ1=2.2minutes σ2= 1.5 minutesTest at the 0.05 level of significance to determinewhether the population mean checkout times of the two newsystems differ. Which system is preferred?

Trisha Long wants to buy a boat in five years. She estimates the boat will cost $15,000 at that time. What must Trisha deposit today in an account earning 5% annually to have enough to buy the boat in five years?


We use the formula for compound growth to figure this problem out. Formula is:



  • P is the future value
  • P_(0) is the initial deposite
  • r is the rate of interest annually
  • n is the number of times compounding occurs (n=1 for annual compounding, n=2 for semiannual compounding etc.)
  • t is time

Given P=15,000, r=5%=0.05 (in decimal), n=1 (since annual compounding), and t=5 years, we can solve:

15000=P_(0)(1+(0.05)/(1) )^((1)(5))\n15000=P_(0)(1+0.05)^(5)\nP_(0)=(15000)/((1+0.05)^(5))\nP_(0)=(15000)/(1.05^(5))\nP_(0)=11,752.89

So, Trisha Long needs to deposit $11,752.89 today in the account.

ANSWER: $11,752.89

\bf \qquad \textit{Compound Interest Earned Amount}\n\nA=P\left(1+(r)/(n)\right)^(nt)\qquad \begin{cases}A=\textit{compounded amount}\to &15000\nP=\textit{original amount deposited}\nr=rate\to 5\%\to (5)/(100)\to &0.05\nn=\begin{array}{llll}\textit{times it compounds per year}\n\textit{annually means, once}\end{array}\to &1\nt=years\to &5\end{cases}

solve for "P", to see how much Principal she should deposit today

Can solve this...(-2e3)4?


I'm not really sure what you are asking but                                                                 Exact Form:−8e3-8⁢e3Decimal Form:−160.68429538…

Find the inverse



Step-by-step explanation:

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the answer is (x)/(3) + (2)/(3)

To find the inverse, interchange the variables and solve for y

f^(-1)(x) =  (x)/(3) + (2)/(3)

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A basketball player scored 26 points in one game. In basketball, some baskets are worth 3 points, some are worth 2 points, and free-throws are worth 1 point. He scored four more 2-point baskets than he did 3-point baskets. The number of free-throws equaled the sum of the number of 2-point and 3-point shots made. How many free-throws, 2-point shots, and 3-point shots did he make?


The number of free-throws, 2-point shots, and 3-point sho ts he made are;

free-throws = 8

2 points = 6

3 points = 2

Let the number of 3 points basket be x

He scored four more 2-point baskets than he did 3-point baskets. Thus;

y = x + 4

number of free-throws equaled the sum of the number of 2-point and 3-point sho ts made. Thus;

z = x + x + 4

z = 2x + 4


Total 3 points = 3x

Total 2 points = 2(x + 4)

Total fr ee points = 2x + 4

Since he scored a total of 26 points, then;


3 points = 2

2 points = 6

1 point = 8

Step-by-step explanation:

Given that:

Total point scored = 26

Let number of 3 point basket = x

Number of 2 point basket = x + 4

Number of free throws = x + x + 4 = 2x + 4


Total 3 points = 3x

Total 2 points 2(x + 4)

Total free throw points = 2x + 4

3x + 2(x + 4) + 2x + 4 = 26

3x + 2x + 8 + 2x + 4 = 26

7x + 12 = 26

7x = 26 - 12

7x = 14

x = 2

Number of 3 points = x = 2

2 points = (x+4) = 2+4 = 6

1 point = (2x+ 4) = 2(2) + 4 = 8

Write an expression that represents 72 divided by n plus 4



The answer is


Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

A quotient is the division of two numbers

In the expression 72 divided by n

the numerator is equal to 72

the denominator is equal to n


the quotient is equal to


The complete expression 72 divided by n plus 4 is equal to



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Which of the following expression are equivalent to 2x+4 select three answers?A.6x




Step-by-step explanation:

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