Emma uses 250 centimeters of crepe paper to make streamers. How many meters did Emma use


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

250 cm equals 2.5 m

Answer 2


25 is what I got

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Fast plz The options are -Is -Is not
The lifetime of a certain type of battery is normally distributed with a mean value of 10 hours and standard deviation of 2 hours. Find the probability that a randomly selected battery has a lifetime greater than 12 hou g
How do I use the distributive property to express 15+45
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Graph the function f(x) = x^3+2x^2-3

PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! :)Using the remainder theorem, what is the remainder of the quotient of x^3– 6x^2 + 4x– 5 and 1 - 3?

B. -20
D. 34


The remainder of the quotient is -20.

Option B is the correct answer.

What is an expression?

An expression is a way of writing a statement with more than two variables or numbers with operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Example: 2 + 3x + 4y = 7 is an expression.

We have,

x³ - 6x² + 4x - 5 and x - 3


x - 3 ) x³ - 6x² + 4x - 5 ( x² - 3x - 5

         x³ - 3x²

       (-)    (+)

             -3x² + 4x

             -3x² + 9x

          (+)      (-)

                    -5x - 5

                    -5x + 15

                (+)      (-)



The remainder is -20.

Learn more about expressions here:




The correct answer is B. -20.

Step-by-step explanation:

I got it right on the Edmentum test.

Please help need help asap!!


5v - 9 = 6
5v = 6 + 9
v = (6 + 9) / 5
v = 3

8v + 7 = 8 (3) + 7 = 31

Consider an optimization model with a number of resource constraints. Each indicates that the amount of the resource used cannot exceed the amount available. Why is the shadow price of such a resource constraint always zero when the amount used in the optimal solution is less than the amount available?


Shadow pricing refers to the practice of accounting the prince of securities not on their assigned market value (as might be expected) but by their amortized costs. This can also be considered an "artificial" price assigned to a non-priced asset or accounting entry.

In this optimization model, we find a number of resource constraints which limit the changes to the resources. It is expected that these resources would not exceed the amount allocated for each particular constraint. The shadow price of a resource constraint would be zero in this example because the amount used would be less than the amount available. This means that it can fit within the established parameters, and therefore, would not need to be assigned a shadow price.

The principal P is borrowed at a simple interest rate r for a period of time t. Find the simple interest owed for the use of the money. Assume 360 days in a year. P=$4000, r=5% t= 1 year


9514 1404 393



Step-by-step explanation:

The interest is given by ...

  I = Prt

  I = ($4000)(0.05)(1) = $200

The simple interest owed is $200.

Which is greater 4/7 ×1/4 or 4/7×1/6​


4/7x1/4 is the correct answer


trust me >:)

A computer shop sold 400 computers last month. And 523 computers were sold this month. What is the percentage increase?


The increase was 45%


The percentage increase is %30.75

Step-by-step explanation:

Subtract 400 from 523 to get the difference so you know how much more wawas sold in units of computers. Since it was increased by 123 you need to find out out what percentage of 400 123 is. This equals 30.75.