Dr. Evil presents the sound of a buzzer to his pet rabbit, and he follows it with the delivery of a small electric shock. After repeated pairings of the buzzer and shock, the rabbit learns to fear the sound of buzzers. Dr. Evil then proceeds to extinguish the rabbit’s fear of buzzers. Now suppose that, after extinction, Dr. Evil decides to present the buzzer and shock to the rabbit once again. After only one pairing, the rabbit will demonstrate __________ and fear the buzzer again.


Answer 1




Reconditioning means to "condition again" so the rabbit will demonstrate and condition the fear of the buzzer again.

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HEY BESTIES ANSWER QUICKLY AND ILL MARK BRAINLIESTWhich statements describe letterheads?They should have a different design than the business card.They provide the contact information for a business.They are seldom needed in small organizations.Business cards and letterheads should be of similar design.They have the same information as a business card.
Dollar General uses a cost leadership strategy. The Dollar General slogan is "Save time. Save money. Every day!®" Dollar General will be more effective if it has a mechanistic structure. Which of the following reasons explain this? Check all that apply.-Narrow spans of management ensure that employees operate efficiently.-Centralized decision making allows the organization to place tighter controls on the way work is done and, in the process, achieve economies of scale

The following information is available regarding the total manufacturing overhead of Olsen Company for a recent four-month period. Machine Hours Mfg. Overhead April 90,000 $ 170,000 May 80,000 $ 153,000 June 110,000 $ 198,000 July 95,000 $ 181,000 Using the high-low method, compute the fixed element of Olsen's





The calculation of the fixed cost and the variable cost per machine hour by using high low method is shown below:

Variable cost per hour = (High manufacturing overhead cost - low manufacturing overhead cost) ÷ (High machine hours - low machine hours)

= ($198,000 - $153,000) ÷ (110,000 hours - 80,000 hours)

= $45,000 ÷ 30,000 hours

= $1.5

Now the fixed cost is

= High manufacturing overhead cost - (High machine hours × Variable cost per hour)

= $198,000 - (110,000 hours × $1.5)

= $198,000 - $165,000

= $33,000

Suppose the price level reflects the number of dollars needed to buy a basket of goods containing one can of soda, one bag of chips, and one comic book. In year one, the basket costs $9.00. In year two, the price of the same basket is $8.00. From year one to year two, there is at an annual rate of . In year one, $72.00 will buy baskets, and in year two, $72.00 will buy baskets. This example illustrates that, as the price level falls, the value of money . rises,falls,remains the same



From Year 1 to Year 2 : There is annual deflation 11.11%

As price falls, value of money rises


Given : Commodity Basket Cost = $9 in Year 1 ; Commodity Basket Cost = $8 in Year 2

From Year 1 to Year 2 : There has been fall in price level. Proportionate (%) Fall in price level = Change in Price / Old Price x 100

So, Fall in price level = [ ( 9 - 8 ) / 9] x 100 = 1/9 x 100 = 11.11%

Hence, from year 1 to year 2 : there has been 11% fall in price i.e Deflation

Considering Income = $72  :

  • Year 1 : It can purchase 72 / 9 = 8 commodity baskets
  • Year 2 : It can purchase 72 / 8 = 9 commodity baskets

So, it illustrates that : As price falls, the purchasing power of money (value of money) rises.  

The Business Ethics provides several models and frameworks for a business approach to the environment and sustainability including;accelerate and innovate
monetize and count
express corporate responsibility
Using the perspective of a business owner of a mid-size manufacturer, select the approach/approaches you would recommend for this company (mid-size manufacturer). Support the selection by explaining the approach, describing which of the five (5) environmental positions you espouse, and how the approach and positions relate to key ethical theories we have studied?
1. The environment shouldn’t be protected.
2. The environment should be protected in the name of serving human welfare.
3. The environment should be protected in the name of serving future generations’ welfare.
4. The environment should be protected in the name of serving animal welfare.
5. The environment should be protected for its own sake.



To answer the above question , the closest and which includes all human, animal and realted welfare is

"The environment should be protected in the name of serving future generations’ welfare".

Explanation : when it comes to buisness, ethics and moral with code of conduct the ultimate reason behind this is to make the better world to serve future generation with all such discipline and carry forward the same positive approach towards all human, animal and other welfare's.

By this above option/approach is different and consider a cumulative welfare for better world to serve future generation.

Coming to other option/approach is only specific to certain groups only and it does'nt through light on other's welfare.

To add more , "when you focus on one group of welfare success will be there but if you focus and prioritize together with better competency and required area success path is wide and opened"

So saving and serving the environment to future generation is high valued and required. By this we can able to match the ethical, moral and social responsibality.

A(n) ______ cost requires a future outlay of cash and is relevant for current and future decision making. Multiple choice question. opportunity sunk historical out-of-pocket





In Accounting, costing is the measurement of the cost of production of goods and services by assessing the fixed costs and variable costs associated with each step of production.

Cost pool is simply the amount of money spent by a firm on a particular activity.

Generally, an activity-based costing uses numerous cost pools such as manufacturing cost or customer services and numerous cost drivers such as direct labor hours worked, number of changes used in engineering department, etc.

Generally, an out-of-pocket cost requires that an individual or business outlay their future cash-flow and it must be relevant for current and future decision making.

Wide Open Industries Inc. has fixed costs of $475,000. The unit selling price, variable cost per unit, and contribution margin per unit for the company’s two products follow:Product Selling Price Variable Cost per Unit Contribution Margin per UnitAA $145 $105 $40BB 110 75 35The sales mix for products AA and BB is 60% and 40%, respectively. Determine the break-even point in units of AA and BB. Round your interim computations to nearest cent, if required.a. Product AA unitsb. Product BB units



Break-even point (units)= 475,000/ (131 - 93)= 12,500 units

AA= 12,500*0.6= 7,500

BB= 12,500*0.4= 5,000


Giving the following information:

Wide Open Industries Inc. has fixed costs of $475,000.


Selling Price= $145

Variable Cost= $105

Contribution Margin per Unit= $40


Selling Price= 110

Variable Cost= 75

Contribution Margin per Unit= 35

The sales mix for products AA and BB is 60% and 40%, respectively.

Break-even point (units)= Total fixed costs / (weighted average selling price - weighted average variable expense)

weighted average selling price= 145*0.6 + 110*0.4= 131

weighted average variable expense= 105*0.6 + 75*0.4= 93

Break-even point (units)= 475,000/ (131 - 93)= 12,500 units

AA= 12,500*0.6= 7,500

BB= 12,500*0.4= 5,000

Draft an inquiry letter for purchase of 10 units of IBM P4 computers and 2 units of Lx 300 Epson printers to Kathmandu Computers and Engineering Kathmandu. ​


Based on writing standards, the inquiryletter for purchase should begin with the sender's address and be written like a formal letter.

Structures of Letter of Inquiry.

  • The sender's address should be written at the beginning of the letter, followed by the receiver's address.

  • The letter must contain all the elements of the enquiring item, including their quantities.

  • There must be the date and address of the receiver included.

  • The letter's subject must be written clearly before the letter's content.

  • Ensure you provide the expected salutation at the beginning of the letter.

  • Write clearly and straightforward.

  • Provide reasons and inquiry descriptions.

  • Add your signature, name, and designation at the end of the letter.

Hence, in this case, it is concluded that there are specific ways to write a good inquiry letter.

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