Which statement bestexplains the association between a risk factor and the development of adisease?a. Anyone with a risk factor will develop the disease.
b. The absence of a risk factor guarantees freedom from the disease.
c. The fewer risk factors for a disease, the better the chances for good health.
d. Interventions must be targeted to each individual risk factor.
e. Risk factors tend to be short-lived, so their presence does not predict long-term risk ofdisease.


Answer 1


C. The fewer the Risk Factors for a Disease the better the Chances of a Good Health


Understanding Risk factors in health is very important especially when trying to find ways to ensure good health. Risk factors are important in many important health decisions. For instance, it is important to know family and personal risks, risks and benefits of a treatement and even the risk factors for a disease. All these assist in making better decisions both by the individual and the medical practitoner

A disease's risk factor represent those situations, living conditions, habits, choices etc that can heighten the probability of getting  a certain disease. A disease's risk factor represents those things or factors that tend to increase the chances of contracting such a disease, while it doesn't necessarily mean they will definitely occur, the higher these factors, then the higher the possiblity of contracting it and the lower the risk factors then the lower the possibility of contracting the disease.

For instance, it is known that smoking cigarette is a risk factor especially for lung cancer, however, family history, exposure to second hand smoke as well as radon gas are also factors that can contribute to lung cancer. These repesent the risk factors.

Risk factors are divided into five:

  • Physiological
  • Behavioural
  • Demographic
  • Environmental
  • Genetic.

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Loki, Inc. and​ Thor, Inc. have entered into a​ stock-swap merger agreement whereby Loki will pay a 39% premium over​ Thor's pre-merger price. If​ Thor's pre-merger price per share was $42 and​ Loki's was $51​, what exchange ratio will Loki need to​ offer?


Answer: 1.15


Premium = 39%

Thor's share price = $42

The compensation to shareholders will be:

= $42 + ($42 × 0.39)

= $42 + $16.38

= $58.38

Loki's share price = $51

We then calculate the exchange ratio which will be:

= $58.38 / $51

= 1.15

Loki will need to offer an exchange rate of 1.15.

The planning session had been long but productive. Sean had been quiet throughout the meeting. He spent his time texting messages to his son on his cell phone instead. The director finished by summarizing the plan to reschedule stock offerings. Everyone was preparing to leave when Sean raised his hand. "I don’t know if we covered this," he said, "but have we talked about rescheduling the stock offerings yet? I don’t think we should wait until the fall."



In this case, Sean committed an unprofessional attitude towards the meeting.

Work meetings are essential for the employees of an organization to develop a positive interpersonal relationship through communication and the possibility of integration and contribution to the goals of the company through ideas and points of view.

Therefore, it is essential that each employee has a professional position, avoid using the phone during sessions and see meetings as an opportunity to improve their communication and integration skills with other employees.

It is also important that the employee is involved and engaged to actively participate in the meeting.

A company used straight-line depreciation for an item of equipment that cost $15,550, had a salvage value of $3,400 and a six-year useful life. After depreciating the asset for three complete years, the salvage value was reduced to $1,555 but its total useful life remained the same. Determine the amount of depreciation to be charged against the equipment during each of the remaining years of its useful life:A. $3,400.
B. $3,060.
C. $1,215.
D. $5,798.
E. $2,640.


The answer would be B

Describe the two types of brakes fitted on a motor vehicle





because they brake

Answer: disc and drum brakes

Explanation: There are two kinds of brakes that stop your vehicle while driving: disc and drum brakes. almost all vehicles come with emergency brakes and anti-lock brakes.

Assume that you are given a payoff function that is a straight line with slope 3 and y-intercept $-200. This payoff function is for an expiration in 3 months. Assume that the current price of the underlying stock is $60 and the annual risk free rate is 2%. What is the price of this payoff



price of the payoff is -$19.01


The computation of the price of payoff is shown below:

But before that we have to do the following calculations

Equation of payoff is

= -$200 + 3 × current price


price of payoff is

= -$200 ÷ (1.02)^(3 ÷ 12) + 3 × $60

= -$199.01 + $180

And, finally

The price of the payoff is -$19.01

The same is to be considered

JB Instruments is analyzing a proposed project. The company expects to sell 1,600 units, ±3 percent. The expected variable cost per unit is $220 and the expected fixed costs are $438,000. Cost estimates are considered accurate within a ±2 percent range. The depreciation expense is $64,000. The sales price is estimated at $647 per unit, ±2 percent. What is the sales revenue under the worst-case scenario?





The computation of sales revenue under the worst-case scenario is shown below:-

Sales revenue under the worst-case scenario = Quantity sold × Price

= (1,600 - 1,600 × 3%) × ($647 - $647 × 2%)

= (1,600 - 48) × ($647 - 12.94)

= 1,552 × 634.06

= $984,061.12

Therefore for computing the sales revenue under the worst-case scenario we simply applied the above formula.

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