What is the absolute location of the Pacific Hinge region?


Answer 1


The absolute location of Pacific Hinge region is from San Diego, California, USA at 2° 42' 55" N / 117° 9' 23" W , stretching to the Vancouver, west coast seaport in British Colombia, Canada at 55° 0' 0" N / 125° 9' 0" W.


The absolute location is the exact location of a place on earth and it is often given in terms of coordinates such as latitude and longitude.

The Pacific Hinge region is from the Mexican border to Vancouver and includes California and west half of Oregon and Washington.

The absolute location of Pacific Hinge Region is given by :

the region from San Diego, California, USA at 2° 42' 55" N / 117° 9' 23" W , stretching to the Vancouver, west coast seaport in British Colombia, Canada at 55° 0' 0" N / 125° 9' 0" W. Therefore, it is quite impossible to find the exact absolute location i.e. the latitude and longitude of the Pacific Hinge region.

Answer 2

The absolute location of the Pacific region is from San Diego, California, USA at 32° 42' 55" N / 117° 9' 23" W, all the way up to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at 55° 0' 0" N / 125° 9' 0" W.

This means that the exact latitude and longitude of the entire region are impossible to find, as it is a very large area. However, the above coordinates give a general idea of the region's location.

The Pacific region is a geologically active area, and is home to a number of volcanoes and earthquakes. It is also a major center for trade and transportation, and is home to some of the largest cities in North America.

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